Friday, September 11, 2009


Am I the only one here who's beginning to feel like Alice Thru The Looking Glass? Has the world turned all topsy-turvy on me, and I didn't get the memo? Or has it always been that way, and I have spent all my time down the Rabbit Hole? Help me, Alice.

Once upon a time, it was good and right to help those less fortunate than you, to give a helping hand to others in trouble. Once upon a time, it was "my brother's keeper", but now it's "I'm keeping mine." Once upon a time, it was "give us your tired, your poor" but now it's building walls to keep everybody out. Once upon a time, it was "we're all in this together and now it's "socialism" and welfare.

I long for the good ol' days. You know those days when everything was peaches and cream. Casseroles for dinner and dad wore a fedora (that's a kind of hat, for all you GenX'ers). Ozzie and Harriet. The Brady Bunch----not Jon & Kate with their 8. People bought cars that didn't cost as much as their first house. But I only want to talk about the 70's and 80's here folks.........

I remember those days: I was a single mom raising four kids. Nope, sorry: I was a college educated, full time employed, home-owning mom. (Where did that white picket fence go?) We did have casseroles, and hamburgers, and scrambled eggs, and hotdogs, biscuits and gravy, koolaid instead of pop, and frozen waffles. The kids went to school (OK, 95% of the time and they got caught the rest of it) had friends to run around with, yelled at each other (they could voice their opinions, but I made the house payments!), and generally lived our life. The good and bad of it. Especially the bad cancer part, or parts, since it came again. I had surgery and radiation. Then 18 months later chemo and radiation. (Highly recommended for weight loss, if you can put up with the side effects...) We survived: kids graduated one by one and went on to college or jobs. Well, there was one that wanted to prolong this "growing up and being responsible process." But I held my breath, gave him a check for the first month's rent and shoved him out of the nest....

I'm sure millions of other families went through the same lives and rituals. Most of us in this country have the same values and beliefs. We've all had triumphs and tragedies.
Where did we go wrong, or better yet, why were we led in the wrong direction? Are the "kids" finally taking over the "household'?

The slogan that "what was good for GM is good for the country" turned out to be wrong. Your hometown, friendly bank somehow morphed into a monster ready to eat you alive. Your locally elected officials are always looking for that next "job upgrade" instead of concentrating on now. Mom and pop stores were shoved aside to make way for superstores of all sizes and stripes. Even your water and foods are bad for you--not to mention the air your breathe, if you believe everything you hear today.

The operative word here today is "believe." I don't believe screaming and shouting to get your point across during a civil debate is productive or intelligent. I don't believe representatives elected by us are allowed a "free pass" for bad behavior and indiscretions because they are "important." I believe that there, but for the grace of god go I, in many situations. I believe everyone should work, or volunteer, or barter, or teach, or toil, to the best of their ability to help their families and neighbors in their daily lives. I believe in a god, a sense of religion, and a sense of spirituality, but I don't believe everyone has to adhere to those same exact beliefs. If we did, why did this same god make so many "variations on a theme?" I also believe that this same all-knowing being gave us brains and minds to use for the purpose of knowing right and wrong, and when to do it. I also believe this universe is millions of years old, still evolving, and it's all according to a greater plan. We are the one's who aren't following directions.

So, I guess I'll go back to my tunnel, snack on some magic mushrooms, wait for Alice, and hope for the best. I 'll stay away from news journalists, politicians, talking heads, and rabble rousers. No, I'm not ignoring the world of today. I just need a break, a time to find my center, and it can go on without me. Life is usually what happens when we're so busy making other plans, or trying to get others to change theirs.


  1. This is very heartfelt. It's so important to try to put our emotions into words, and that takes a lot of courage and self-awareness. I also like that you're reacting by looking after your SELF. I need to do more of that. It's the only sane response.