Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Benghazi!…IRS!….Planned Parenthood!

It never gets old with those in the Republican party: when you've got nothing, proclaim your shock and indignation, ignite a fire in your base, spend taxpayer money on "investigations"……..rinse and repeat. And if the target is something or someone you have been trying to eliminate for decades such as Planned Parenthood (those womenfolk don't need birth control or Pap smears anyway…especially the poor ones) any amount of deception will do. (Worked with ACORN, didn't it?)

"At a press conference, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), stated that he could not discuss the video or he would “vomit.” Virtually every GOP presidential candidate and anti-choice organization took advantage of the controversy by sending out a flood of fundraising emails…"

Hmmmmm…wonder where their indignation was a month ago…..when they were first "aware of the video."

"Apparently, Congressman Franks was not “chilled” enough by the video to do anything about it when he first saw it at least a month earlier than it was released to the public, as he later admitted toRoll Call. At least one other lawmaker is on record as having seen the video well before its release. Congressman Tim Murphy (R-PA) also admitted to Roll Call having seen the video at least a month earlier. When pressed by Roll Call as to why he did nothing about these explosive charges in the intervening time, Murphy cut off the reporter, saying: “This interview never happened.”

What they do NOT want to expound upon, since it would kill their narrative, is the fact that medical science depends on tissue (certainly not what they are trying to depict in their campaign, though) in all the great advances that have been made in fighting diseases….probably some treatments that have helped their families in some way. Remember Nancy Reagan's advocating stem cell research?

You may also be interested in perusing the tangled web of folks in Congress and questionable organizations…..as well as known liars and deceivers…..who are pushing this "outrage" (smear campaign) at this particular time. Shades of James O'Keefe and Bill O'Reilly's Jesse Watters. Well, since Obamacare seems here to stay, the Pope agrees with the rest of the world on climate change, and they certainly do not want to have a discussion on their racism or jobs…...

And this from the New York Times:
"Researchers use fetal tissue to study and develop treatments for diseases and conditions like H.I.V., hepatitis, congenital heart defects, retinal degeneration and Parkinson’s. Last year, the National Institutes of Health gave $76 million in grants for fetal tissue research. Planned Parenthood is certainly not the only collector of fetal tissue — clinics associated with universities also supply tissue for research.
The Center for Medical Progress video campaign is a dishonest attempt to make legal, voluntary and potentially lifesaving tissue donations appear nefarious and illegal. Lawmakers responding by promoting their own anti-choice agenda are rewarding deception and putting women’s health and their constitutionally protected rights at risk."

The Republican Party gives me a giant headache.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Well, it looks like the Koch Brothers' agenda

….. is proceeding right along as scheduled here in Tennessee:

UPDATE: Moving right along in North Carolina, too. 
"As more major counties and cities trend Democratic, expect to see Republicans meddling more in local affairs and making a mockery of the concept of self government. Just imagine if congressional Republicans had the ability to gerrymander the state legislatures of California, New York, and Illinois as they have done with the three largest and Democratic-leaning county governments in North Carolina." http://tinyurl.com/qalw7yx

"There is some talk among Republicans of changing state law to allow partisan competition for municipal offices and for local school board seats, now also officially nonpartisan under a current state statute. Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, R-Blountville, supports such a move……..
“The role of the state party is to get Republicans elected on all levels,” Smith (Gov. Haslam's spokesman) wrote."

'Red to the Roots"

All of this is by design….and it is heavily financed, NOT a "grassroots" effort.

"Now the council (ALEC) is looking to take its blueprint for influence over statewide lawmaking and drill it down to the local level. It has already quietly set up, and is making plans for the public launch of, an offshoot called the American City County Exchange (ACCE) that will target policymakers from “villages, towns, cities and counties”.

Don't forget that that these two guys have had their hand in the "war against women" in all states as well as their group Americans for Prosperity making sure that Insure Tennessee (using the ACA) is not going forward.

How long before Tennessee looks and operates just like Kansas, South Carolina, Michigan or Wisconsin? And by latching on to the extreme fundamentalists and NRA to blindly move this effort along…..……how long before the US looks just like the theocracies that we go all over the world to "preach the ways of democracy?"

OK folks...

…please tell me WHY on earth this country is so gung-ho to celebrate one of the darkest, and most destructive eras in this country's history?

Yes, it should be studied and commemorated in it's TRUE historical context…..to help us see how far we have come as a people (hopefully). But this one has me really baffled:

16 New Civil War-Inspired Products!

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Glory Bound Quilt Kit


No, I really "get it." There were two sides at odds with each other over the fate of third side that had no say in any of it at the time. To have one side continuing to honor an attempt to tear apart a country, lose, and consider it a victory is just ludicrous to me. It just seems a bit out-of-touch considering the raw animosity today. (Tho, I did not see any "stars and bars"……) And they are just quilting projects from a really cool company, but it made me wonder…….

Friday, June 19, 2015

No Shiat, Sherlock…..

Side note: The majority of Republicans surveyed — 74 percent — consider the flag a symbol of Southern pride, while the majority of Democrats surveyed — 72 percent— believe the flag is indicative of racism.       NBC

It may not have been "politically correct," or even sensitive, to say it but Lindsey Graham put it out there for the whole world to see:

"At the end of the day it's time for people in South Carolina—to revisit that decision would be fine with me, but this is part of who we are. The flag represents to some people a Civil War and that was the symbol of one side. To others it's a racist symbol, and it's been used by people, it's been used in a racist way. But the problems we have in South Carolina and throughout the world are not because of a movie or a symbol, it's because of what's in people's heart. You know, how do you go back and reconstruct America? What do we do in terms of our history?"

That, my dear Republican presidential wanna-be, is the problem….going all the way to the beginning of the confederacy itself. 

 rested upon the assumption of the equality of races. This was an error. It was a sandy foundation, and the government built upon it fell when the “storm came and the wind blew.”
"Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its corner- stone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth. This truth has been slow in the process of its development, like all other truths in the various departments of science. It has been so even amongst us. Many who hear me, perhaps, can recollect well, that this truth was not generally admitted, even within their day. 
Alexander H. Stephens in his Cornerstone Speech, 1861 prior to the Civil War. 

Yes..and "what is in their hearts" is racism, superiority, hate and ignorance. This is all perpetuated BY the Right Wing, whose sway on the south DEPENDS on such beliefs. And of course, NOW they want to push the tale that the Civil War was simply a fight for "states rights" against the big ol' bad federal government. Plain and simple.

Lyndon Johnson had it right:If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you."  Today, a winning strategy…….

                      Also, about that flag: http://tinyurl.com/qfh9q8p

    Monday, May 18, 2015

    Let me see if I get this straight: in a tolerant country a company should be able to do business with only those people that adhere to their same religious beliefs, and not be accused of discrimination. That's what Jeb Bush just said.

    Those two basic concepts seem to come down to this, in my mind.

    Tolerance: showing willingness to allow the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

    If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen….. 1 John 4:20

    "Liberty of conscience is protected by the First Amendment, but freedom from discrimination is protected by the Civil Rights Act. Like many areas of the law, the issue of discrimination and freedoms is constantly evolving, but the first few decisions in cases involving same-sex couples have found that businesses do not have the right to refuse service to gay or lesbian customers any more than they do to those of certain races or nationalities."

    I say we let the "free market" decide this matter for us, not the courts. I have seen time after time the fish symbol on cars, vans, in the yellow pages (remember them?) to denote the faithful from the heathens, such as myself, I guess. (I was raised Southern Baptist years ago myself.....) I have even seen In His Name Dry Wall Installation here in Tennessee, complete with cross on the side of the white van…...

    All "Christians" operating businesses in the public arena should, therefore, proudly display this symbol on their windows to let us know of their solid faith. And then WE could decide whether or not our beliefs are in alignment to patronize the establishment. Then no one would be offended…and GoFundME would not be necessary. 

    Everybody else could display this:

    Thursday, May 14, 2015

    Insure Tennessee Failed, But Lawmakers Doing Great

    Folks in Tennesse remember this:

     "... the public has the right to know the Medicaid expansion program is going to bankrupt Tennessee.…..Now we’re taking it out to where the public can see it. As long as everyone is doing the right thing and following free-market principles they should have nothing to worry about. http://www.knoxnews.com/news/state/americans-for-prosperity-planted-roots-in-tenn_83024661

    Well, the public can see this and the hypocrisy emanating from it: 

    "More former and retired Tennessee state legislators are covered by the state employee health insurance program than are current members of the General Assembly — including some who have moved on to other public office, others who haven’t served in more than 30 years and some who were convicted of crimes, state records show."

    Can't have the ordinary citizens and taxpayers footing the bill (subsiding low incomes) for these poor folks health insurance. Wouldn't be prudent. They need "some skin in the game." Or to quote a Tea Party member comment: 
    "... doesn’t justify spending money we don’t have and forcing other people to pay for the medical care of people they do not even know." 
    But as long as you've ever served the state of Tennessee…in any capacity for any amount of time….and are no longer there, for any reason, the taxpayer can foot YOUR insurance premiums. And the state can subsidize part of it, just like ALL employer-funded plans do.

    "Former state Sen. Edgar Gillock of Memphis is enrolled; he left the Legislature in 1982 after being convicted of taking $130,000 for his influence in awarding government contracts."

    Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey, R-Blountville, defended the state health coverage for sitting lawmakers Wednesday. But didn't seem to know the whole story: "That’s something I’ll have to check into and get back with you,” he said.

    Yes, let's get it out there where the public can see it. Not that it matters. This Republican run state does exactly what it wants anyway…..voters be damned. 

    "They (Americans For Prosperity) have a full-time staff, they've poured in a lot of money indirectly and directly," said Ingram, who was registered to lobby last session for a pro-Insure Tennessee business group. "It's largely to push whatever agenda they have and influence, frankly, our elected officials, our issues, disproportionately more than any of us as individual voters can.

    But that's another continuing story….

    Sunday, May 3, 2015

    Out Of State Interests Pushing TN Policy

    It's probably just an exercise in futility….but four major Tennessee newspapers are trying to make people of my state aware of what is actually going on here. It is going to be a four part-part series. 


    "…. the outside interests are trying, engaged on such controversial issues as Gov. Bill Haslam’s Insure Tennessee proposal and gun laws, all the way down to less-noticed matters such as experimental drugs and state subsidies to parents of children with specified disabilities…...
    "The Koch-founded AFP made defeat of Insure Tennessee its top priority this year…..""Other interest groups engaged in Tennessee range from the National Rifle Association, which has had considerable success in enacting gun rights legislation, to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which has taken to introducing a package of bills drafted at the national level each year that are distinct from the agenda of its state affiliate, the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and hiring its own lobbyists…."


    Unfortunately, the GOP base in this state…..the gun loving, gay hating, Bible carrying, racist, antiabortion, "Obama is going to put us in camps" thinking, hate the poor…….will just say it's all liberal propaganda. Tennessee is just like Texas…only with different letters. 

    Monday, April 13, 2015

    New Twist: For Your Protection: "Reserve " Cops

    Seems like there is an interesting twist to Mr. Reserve Cop: 

    "Supervisors at the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office were ordered to falsify a reserve deputy’s training records, giving him credit for field training he never took and firearms certifications he should not have received, sources told the Tulsa World."

    Sooooo.….did he forget the difference between a taser and a handgun? And why can't other 73 year-olds get (BUY) new jobs in their fields? Just asking…..

    This is one truly great article. I am not even going to change a word for a personal blog…just read, and pass it on.

    "And that’s why our state legislature wants ordinary citizens out armed and concealed-carrying, in parks and schools and everywhere else. They don’t have to pay for that, do they? These are volunteers “playing cop,” too

    “Oh, I shot him. I’m sorry.” 

    This is how civil society dies. It starts by denigrating all things public — public employees, public schools, public servants of all kinds. Make “public” a bad word, tell everyone you can do a better job yourself (or the private sector can)."

    As a liberal gal in the same Red State, I have a constant headache from banging it against the wall….daily.

    Oh, and this: http://tinyurl.com/ou3mr6u 
    Icing on the cake.