Friday, September 26, 2014

Remember, folks:

Your right to vote…..your duty actually…is being chipped away nefariously state to state, under the guise of "doing away with rampant voter fraud." If you don't have policies that the people are receptive to, you resort to other means. Don't let the Kochs and ALEC take this vote away from you. (Even if they try this: )

"As ALEC co-founder, Paul Weyrich, so chillingly observed during his 1980 remarks to a right-wing Christian audience (see video at right), their side does better when the number of citizens who vote goes down.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

I used to be very proud

…….. of my former city, Beavercreek, where I graduated high school and my kids are raising their families. We moved just four years ago. It is a very diverse place with great schools, college, Air Force, former rural area now with lots of technical and medical industry..…but on the fringes is the usual "redneck" sensibility. (Yes, I said that.)

Then THIS happened: 
all because some wanna-be military type white guy Ron Ritchie, who LIED about his "service," got scared of a black guy with a gun and called 911...

"The attorney said as Crawford leaned on the pellet gun like a cane, he was “shot on sight” in a “militaristic” response by police.

Monday, September 22, 2014

When the Tea Party has a few hundred people meet in a "protest the Kenyan America-hating black guy for president" rally the entire media world is in attendance. FOX does their blow-by-blow coverage. They also host events for the GOP in their off time.

When the largest protest in the history of NYC, and the country, is held to draw attention to climate change, global warming, and what we can do NOW to ensure the future of our planet………NADA, not one word. The ralliers made sure Wall Street heard it, too. And this was a protest heard around the globe….NOT just in this country. 

"Cable news, with the
 exception of Al Jazeera America, mostly looked the other way, besides a couple of segments on CNN and MSNBC."

A look at NBC's website revealed….nothing. Same with CBS. CNN had this blurb along the side: 

Leave it to Al Jazeera (that evil old Arab-sounding site…) to have an entire article: 

"Protesters 'sound the climate alarm' in global marches
Tens of thousands in noisy march through the streets of New York City to call for carbon-free future ahead of UN summit "

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Just facts, folks…...

I will unabashedly repost this thought-provoking article from EZKOOL for those of you who have never followed the site….

By Mike Caccioppoli
"So Obama comes out and says that he really isn’t sure of a strategy at this point and of course this becomes a clarion call for every hard-on right winger who wants to blame him and call him indecisive"

Monday, August 18, 2014

I Suppose It's Just Optics….

edited or otherwise. 

We all know by now some version or other of the killing of a black Ferguson teenager by a white Ferguson policeman. We have all heard at least three versions of the police chief's explanation of the chain of events. We have all seen the military-type response to both the outpouring of grief, turned to rage, leading to looting that had nothing to do with the original shooting.

I am pretty sure that somewhere in the midst of all this racism, hatred, and feeling of frustration lies the truth. You can be sure of one thing: if a black policeman had shot and killed a white teenager (whether he was aware of an alleged crime or not) in a white neighborhood (middle-class or poorer…) the aftermath would have been different. And a LOT different if it had been an upperclass area……

Two of the autopsy reports are out: the first really saying nothing. The second one can be somewhat inconclusive except to discredit partially the witnesses belief Brown was shot in the back, but NOT disproving he had his hands up in surrender. Then there are the live tweets about the shooting hat the msm has not touched on. Hmmmmm.

The police department very co-incidently released a surveilance video along with the name (finally) of the shooter who has long since scooted out of town. They were asked not to, since tensions were already high…... I guess the cops were bent out of shape at being replaced by the Highway Patrol folks with a black leader. (My take on things, only)

They released only a portion of the video…..but not this part: 
Then add to the story that the police and others in charge are still attempting to thwart the media from doing their job…informing the public what is really happening…instead of hoping they will rely on sanitized press releases being put out by those "in charge."     (Thanks, EZKOOL)
And the officials, and our government (local or otherwise) wonder why we have no faith or trust in them???

Friday, August 15, 2014


Am I missing something here? Is the Ferguson police department that incompetent? Is the police chief there just interning for his job? Did this group of military-wanna-be's  have all this equipment they have just been dying to play with? Do they all really hate the black community that much? Were they just hoping that some sort of riot would be provoked, so that they would finally have an excuse to "go to war?"

From Day One the whole Michael Brown incident was mishandled….by everyone  All the information that the police had was NOT made public: this was largely why the protests over the shooting grew into the mess it was. Keeping the body in full view was distasteful also. I believe the two witnesses saw what they saw……but again, that may only been one part of it. I don't know: I wasn't there. But if there were videos of the theft in the convenience store, the community needed to know that. That did NOT excuse shooting a kid multiple times while he was walking away…but I do believe these folks would have liked to have complete picture of the allegations, and the "proof." They are not stupid "animals" as was shouted by the cops, and captured on video. And most of the activists and protesters were not looting and acting badly…they condemned those that were. It did not help their cause. 

The police department, and their "reinforcements" only added to the mystery and the bad feelings spreading through the crowds. The police department was only interested in protecting their own. I STILL believe that if the cop had nothing to hide, or be ashamed of, or if his version of the happenings were honest…it would NOT have taken six days to come to a head. Journalists just doing their job of informing the country of what was happening did not have to be arrested, their equipment damaged and their lives threatened. First amendment, remember…..the factions on the Right here demand it. (Where were those voices, by the way??) Clearing the air space in the area? Something is wrong somewhere. The people who were protesting were truly acting on the information they were given by the police and the head of the department. They were protesting the treatment received over the years…in this "post racial society." ( )

If a crime was committed by the teenager, that is one thing. There should have been appropriate punishment for that. ) Murder…no. If these police were derelict in their duty by not informing the public of their findings; conspiring to hide the identity of the shooter; not supplying all relative information and updates; over- militarizing the operation using taxpayer money and surplus equipment with untrained personnel; fanning the flames of mistrust, hatred and racial tension by their passive/aggressive actions…then the whole department needs to be dismantled and retrained. If there is that large a racist vein in this group Ferguson is in a world of hurt…but then, so is the rest of the country.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I am so glad we live in a democratic nation….with liberty and justice for all. A land where a person's race, color, religion or creed has no bearing on how they are treated. A place where thoughtful discourse is conducted in the pursuit of rightful actions…….

Thanks to Michael Luciano at The Daily Banter:

And of course, the police and other officials are going to get to the bottom of the Micheal Brown shooting (  any day now. I am sure shooting and killing an unarmed black teenager walking in the middle of the street was obviously called for…..they just have to dig deep enough to "find the facts" and also discredit the friend who saw it all happen. (Good thing this young man obtained a lawyer early in to the investigation.unusual events have been known to happen in such cases)
Beaverceek, Ohio where we moved from a few years ago, also had a shooing....this time in Walmart. Again there are questions as to why a black man who was holding a BB gun sold in the store was shot by police. Alerted by an ex-Marine in the store with his wife, who followed him around, a rush of people to the exits also caused the death of a woman with a medical condition. Of course, a store video of all this would probably simplify things... . Silly me! 

If we could just keep all those brown-skinned, poor little disease ridden immigrant children from our borders.. 
If we could just keep those "other" families in their place, in their own failing schools, taking low wage jobs, blaming them for all our troubles…
If we could just get everyone believing the Bible is the ruling concept of our country, that no religion besides fundamentalism is even worth considering, and that guns are the answer to a peaceful coexistence…
….then this truly would be a caucasian conservative Christian paradise.