Thursday, January 29, 2015

Are Police Union Leaders Alike Everywhere?

I guess they are …and they are giving regular unions a bad name. These guys are just what the Repubs like to call "thugs" when they are disparaging everyone else. 

Looks just like all the incidents in New York City…only in Ferguson. 

jeff roorda

Fall back position…name calling, disparaging. The intense dislike of "the others" is almost palatable.


Seems like this is nothing new for Roorda

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Now This IS Interesting….

It seems that NYPD Commissioner Bratton employs the principals of Robert Peel, the founder of the London Metropolitan Police, as inspiration for guiding his men.  Something must have gotten lost in translation…..

Principle 4 - “The degree of co-operation of the public that can be secured diminishes proportionately to the necessity of the use of physical force.”
Principle 7 - “Police, at all times, should maintain a relationship with the public that gives reality to the historic tradition that the police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public  who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.”

Things are certainly different here in the "colonies", I guess. It is decades later, 
crimes have a different bent, more guns are available, and more money and plenty of politics are involved. And union contract negotiations…..
So we end up with people like this: 
"Police union head Patrick Lynch is known for using terms like “mopes” and “skells” when referring to suspects, but has recently reserved his caustic comments for a higher target.
That blood on the hands starts at the steps of City Hall, in the office of the mayor." (de Blasio)

So now there is a "slow down" by the NYPD.
"But the police union's phrasing—officers shouldn't make arrests "unless absolutely necessary"—begs the question: How many unnecessary arrests was the NYPD making before now?"

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Isn't This Special……..

Just as all nonwhites are NOT criminals, not ALL cops are saints, though the majority have been. 

Just in case you folks are still under the delusion that the police in NYC are feeling put upon by the actions of the protestors….which were evident before the latest sickening murder of two of their own by a crazed lone killer……and are just acting out because they are "misunderstood", think again. 

Those on the Right…..I am talking about YOU Giuliani….are not wasting a MINUTE to use this as a political cudgel to bully those higher up: Mayor de Blasio, President Obama, Eric Holder, etc. This is nothing new for NYPD, but this time they have a racial component to use as a weapon, too…….and using it they are.

"Meanwhile, Republican operatives see a chance to do fatal damage to a rising Democratic star and close Clinton ally by resurrecting the kind of racial backlash politics that won them urban white votes during the Nixon era."

" In an email to a supporter, Queens Village Republican Club president Joe Concannon referred to the planned wave of protests as “our plan to keep it in the news for the first half of 2015.”

Yes, I know…protests in the name of justice for killing unarmed black men, innocent until proven guilty…...BAD.
NYPD protests against officials…who have expressed support of law officers, but are black….and also against the other protestors…...GOOD

Sunday, December 28, 2014

NYPD's Short Memory….

or the one they HOPE the public has.

"The demonstration two weeks ago to protest Mayor David Dinkins's plan for a more independent civilian complaint review board quickly deteriorated into a brawl. Beer-drinking officers broke through barricades to rush the steps of City Hall; others blocked traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge and used racial epithets to describe the Mayor."

In case you have forgotten: 
"And who was doing the same thing that he's doing now: 
 one Rudolph Giuliani, was right in the middle of it, fanning the flames of racial resentment for his own political gain, something Giuliani would do repeatedly ……"

Even earlier this year, the unions were setting up for a showdown:
" A New York City police union leader on Tuesday castigated Mayor Bill de Blasio and his bid to HOST the 2016 Democratic National Convention, saying the city was losing ground in the fight against crime since he took office in January."

They continue on their childish, hateful path, turning their backs to Mayor de Blasio during a solemn funeral service. BUT they want respect, obedience, honor, better pay (there IS a contract negotiation going, don't forget). And they are NOT racist…….

Tell me why, then, although these "union thugs" (remember that term Repubs used against auto workers, teachers, fast food employees and others who were organized in such a manner?) have a history of such actions….they really go all out when there are nonwhites involved, say a President, an Attorney General, protestors that finally have had enough…..or a Mayor with a mixed race family.
I'm sure it is just a mere coincidence

Nobody has ever said being an officer of the law is an easy task. Their actions/reactions are sometimes in question...
…..and the availability of videoing those actions in their "policing" that have always remained hidden, where the word of the officers was always the last one wasn't welcomed either. But getting respect while giving none is ludicrous. I expect better behavior from my kids.

Just came across this article about the Police Chief in Nashville: talk about completely different views about policing and protesting.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Let's Try This...

"Maybe lots of people support lots of things, and we can't twist that generalized support into blame for maniacs who decide to take up arms for their own demented reasons. Maybe that's a better idea after all."

I am sick and tired of the yelling, blaming, pointing fingers, lying, surmising, generalizing, name calling, racism, back-turning for spite, photo-opting, attention getting, ratings reaching, knee jerk reacting…and general spittle producing rhetoric that is rampant in today's society and media after the last few weeks. GET OVER YOURSELVES.

Yes, there is a problem with some cops in some areas…and the militarization of such people. Yes, there are some people that are just bad and given any opportunity will show their disdain, and even hatred, for those not like themselves. Yes, there are some folks….black and white…that do NOT think the law applies to them. But NOT everybody. And every police officer is NOT a saint. Remember that, Lynch, Kelly and Giuliani: Police acting like spoiled kids is disgusting to most of us, just like those in Congress. 

You might want to check out:

Todays' technology has certainly provided a window into what for years has been 
hidden….and as such, has brought what has been hidden and distasteful to the forefront where it needs to be addressed…NOT USED AS ATTACKS.

For decades media such as FOX, Breitbart, Limbaugh, NRO, and The Blaze have goaded and prodded in their own sly way the behavior we see now…and each time they look at the damage and say "what, me??"
This circle has to break….now. 

But I am not holding my breath……

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Well, That Certainly Explains It…..

UPDATE: In case you were still unconvinced about the conditions of the us versus them mentality of the police today:

The police and other law enforcement folks in this country cannot understand WHY ordinary, taxpaying people in this country do not really LIKE them. (Well, not all of them…just those that seem to think they are not only keeping the law: they ARE the law.)

Remember how they'd denigrated Eric Garner about his weight and medical conditions, saying "he brought about his own death?" How Michael Brown was a BIG obese kid…even though both he and Wilson were the same height? Really? 

"Employees in law enforcement have the highest rates of obesity among professions, …"

Of course all lot of them also seem to think that the Average Joe is a complete idiot, and it is up to THEM to inform US of our legal positions, even if we already are aware of them…or happen to be of a different color. There seems to be a reason for this attitude, too.

"The reason for the disqualification was literally because he had scored “too high” on an intelligence test…... 

Now…don't you all feel a whole lot safer now? Especially with all the surplus military gear being spread around for these guys to play with….

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It's a Puzzlement…...

Well,  it doesn't get any plainer than this: we are living in a screwed up country.

* POLL FINDING OF THE DAY, OBAMA DERANGEMENT EDITION: A new Bloomberg poll finds that by a large margin of 55-34, Americans believe Republicans are acting “more out of antagonism towards Obama” than out of a “deep belief in their vision for the country.” By contrast, Americans believe by 54-36 that Obama is more driven by his vision than by antagonism towards Republicans. Perhaps the American people ought to have a word with our both-sides-to-blame pundits.
On the other hand, the poll also finds the GOP’s approval rating at a five year high while Obama has hit bottom. So maybe there’s no downside in being perceived as driven by antagonism towards Obama!
Hmmmmm…….I wonder what the problem could be?