Thursday, May 4, 2017


Well, there you have it: Republicans have finally achieved their seven-year long dream of sticking it to Obama and the least in the first round. After these folks get back to their hometowns, hear from their constituents who are losing their insurance ("It's only seven percent of the population" said one GOPer), and pat themselves on their collective backs for preserving their Right Wing cred, maybe reality will set in. But then again, Trump voters will never be able to see the forest for the trees. 

Never mind that the ACA was beginning to level out, never mind that the uncertainty of the Trump administration's plan on this was causing real problems, never mind that adjustments (bipartisan efforts) would have solved the ACA's problems going forward...the GOP (Paul Ryan especially) were determined to erase anything Obama did from the history books. 

Speaking of history: lots of healthcare talk has centered around "preexisting conditions." From the GOP point of view, these are conditions in your medical history that "those other people" must deal with...because of poor life choices, station in life, race, sex, age, lack of religious beliefs, or place of birth. NOT them of course, and beside they have taxpayer subsidized insurance. 

Having worked in OB/GYN and family practice, and dealing with insurance, let me present a short list of these conditions if they have EVER showed up as a diagnosis on your fee slip as you checked out:
abnormal pap smear, elevated blood sugar, back pain, hypothyroid, dizziness, heavy periods, obesity, smoker, use of alcohol, asthma, COPD, history of miscarriage, restless leg syndrome, fibromyalgia, migraines, allergies, pregnancy, age level, STDs, cancer (cured years ago), eating disorders, skin, disorders, ....almost any diagnosis submitted to get payment. Notice these are NOT the heavy hitters you would naturally think of such as cancer, MS, Parkinson's, tuberculosis, Alzheimers, or birth defects. ANYTHING the insurance companies can use to charge you higher premiums will suffice...for anybody. And do NOT think that these practices will be on just the exchanges. Insurance companies will be spreading this to their employer-based group policies, too. 

All you poor folks trying to work two jobs, or go to school, raise a family as a single parent or make your Social Security go a little farther: don't worry. The STATES will get a hunk of money to divide among you, if it's not swallowed up in administration costs. It makes the Repubs feel so good to pass the buck on care for all those folks, and think they have done a great job. Praise the lord! Now the rich and corporations can get those tax cuts, which was the main purpose of this whole thing.

It was liberal Juan Williams’ turn to speak. “I hope it covers mental illness because we’re seeing a lot of it at the table tonight,” he began. Williams slammed Trump for pressuring Republicans to pass the bill because he was “desperate for something that he can call a victory.”.....from FOX News/Newshounds
But do NOT give up....can't see this mess passing the Senate vote. Think of this as Trump's premature "Mission Accomplished" moment.

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