Thursday, October 8, 2009

OCTOBER: WEAR PINK............for whom?

October, as you all know by now, is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The Pink is everywhere: pins, soup cans, headbands, sweaters, NASCAR cars, sports figures, purses, food containers. I've personally known two wonderful people who've died from breast cancer--a nurse in our office as well as the wife of the doctor I worked for. This is serious business.

It is also big business. A well-funded, organized, high profile, years' long campaign involving all sorts of businesses, entertainers, media, and political figures. You'd think that with all the money and attention being focused on this disease we'd be further along in its eradication. The medical establishment, as well as its branches in the drug and medical supply industry, should be pretty close to a cure by now. Wouldn't it be great business and political strategy to be the first to come up with a cure for breast cancer? Or any cancer, for that matter. Just think of the financial reward for that development!

Just think, no more women having to suffer with breast cancer surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, harmful drugs, wigs, prosthetics, long hospital stays and doctor visits. The cost savings alone (whether insurance or out-of-pocket) to patients would be tremendous. Then there would be no need for the big Pink Push every year, all the commercialized fundraising. The drug companies and related entities would not have to produce and market all those drugs and....................oh, sorry.

Heart disease is the number one killer of women, but a woman's breasts are better marketing. A very personal and emotional subject. Breast cancer to a woman and also her family is devastating. I thinks it's time for businesses to stop playing on those emotions for some sort of financial gain. That's right.....a woman just said that. Who's really getting the best end of this deal? I don't believe for one minute it's the women suffering from breast cancer.

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