Saturday, November 21, 2009


No, I'm not being blasphemous, folks. I just wanted to "touch base" as it were, on totally out of line goings-on in this country these days. I'm not saying that the right wingers have a lock on stupid and poor taste, but I've got to wonder about the intelligence level of some of these people.

"For at least the past 10 years, the megachurch evangelical movement has been telling its parishioners that Jesus wants them to get rich. That fit rather nicely with the triumphalism of Bush/Rove & Co. as it built its "permanent majority" with their votes, testifying that it was their all-American duty to trample the environment and the poor, and to kill Afghan and Iraqi Muslims, on the way to God's kingdom. In imitation of the way Bush paid for his wars, many of the devout simply loaded themselves up with debt, buying SUVs and McMansions in spanking new developments.
Since the capitalist collapse, of course, that debt has become toxic. Now, in their dismay and confusion over having supported Bush--one of the first governors, by the way, to declare an annual state "Jesus Day"--evangelicals are left with a terrible anger. And they desperately don't want to turn that anger inward.

And now we have the Great Unraveling. As the waters recede, what's left behind are follies like the "Drowning Jesus" (a/k/a "Touchdown Jesus"), a 62-foot-high sculpture of Christ set chest-deep in a reflecting pool at the Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio, one of the non-coastal states Palin is visiting on her book tour. And who's to blame for that embarrassing excess, constructed in 2004?
I know: ACORN."
(from an article sent to me)

I hope you've gone to that link to see what I mean. I live not too far from there. It's mind boggling.


  1. Hi Judi. First, thanks for your visit and comment at Politics Plus. I followed you and aded you to my blog roll.

    On topic, Palin follows Supply Side Jesus, the GOP invention that justifies their gospel of fear, hate and greed. The real Jesus had an altogether different attitude.

  2. Thanks. Yes, it makes you wonder exactly what bible these GOP's read.

  3. I call it the gospel of hypocrisy, greed, and intolerance.