Thursday, January 14, 2010


If you have read any of my posts (polite rants) you are aware that while I am not a totally-absolutely- way left kind of person, I really don't buy into the absolutely selfish right wing, teaparty culture either. Both extremes are doing severe damage to this country and its future. But yesterday's responses to a major tragedy in the small island country of Haiti makes my blood boil.

How in the heck can you say a country doesn't deserve our help, because "they don't produce anything." But it's perfectly OK to send thousands of our young men and BILLIONS of dollars to a country (invade) to help them because they have oil? And of course, the people on Haiti are black while those in the Middle East are not. Well, they might be Muslim, but that's a another story for a different time. According to Rush, the administration will probably use this tragedy to raise its popularity with the "dark-skinned population." Not unlike the Republican in Congress using the "almost" bomber attack over the holiday to boost his campaign coffers.

Then there is the religious right, in the form of Pat Robertson. This man makes my skin crawl: a charlatan in the tradition of Oral Roberts, Jim Bakker, Rick Warren, and Benny Hinn. Apparently the Bible these guys read went out of print soon after I got mine. They preach the gospel of selfishness, exclusiveness, and racial and social division. That's not to say all church-goers are evil, they're not. It's the ones that have the public stage that seem to be preaching their own "religion." To say that these poor people in Haiti "made a pact with the devil, and deserve all their hardship" is ludicrous. I'm getting totally repulsed by all these men of god who are anything but godlike.

Someday, someway, somewhere God is going to get tired of all this hatred, too.


  1. Judi, these guys follow Supply-side Jesus, a GOP/Religious right invention. Their gospel of war, fear, greed and intolerance is the opposite of the teachings and example of the real Jesus.

  2. It so sad when people can use the teachings of a great man for their own selfish purposes. I'm not naive, but when did "do as I say, not as I do" become a religious tenet? (And I thought the Dems would have a better take on things, too. I'm disappointed!)