Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sharia Law, Republican Style

Arizona legislators have advanced an unprecedented bill that would require women who wish to have their contraception covered by their health insurance plans to prove to their employers that they are taking it to treat medical conditions. The bill also makes it easier for Arizona employers to fire a woman for using birth control to prevent pregnancy despite the employer's moral objection.

The sponsor of the bill told the committee that it is intended to protect the First Amendment right to religious liberty.
"I believe we live in America," said Majority Whip Debbie Lesko (R-Glendale), who sponsored the bill. "We don’t live in the Soviet Union. So, government should not be telling the organizations or mom-and-pop employers to do something against their moral beliefs."                             (from a HuffPost article today)

What the heck is WRONG with this country? Why are we going backwards?

Hitler believed that the emancipation of women was invented by Jewish intellectuals and that for the German woman her “world is her husband, her family, her children, and her home” (ref).  Not only were women removed from professional and civil servant careers, they were believed to be unfit for jury duty because they were unable to “think logically or reason objectively, since they are ruled only by emotion”. ...... Female reproductive rights were dictated following the maxim that “Your body does not belong to you”.    ( taken from Dr. Arthur Kamm's Feb. 22, 2011 column Art on Issues)

I know that we are proceeding in the direction that the Right Wing has in mind: no rights for women (barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen); no voting right for blacks, students, Hispanics, union members; no help for our endangered environment (it's all god's will anyway); doing away with all forms of worship (except theirs); no improvements to our educational system (an ignorant people is easier to manipulate); and no NLRB (who cares about minimum wage--they've got a JOB; they shouldn't complain about hours or working conditions either; benefits should only be given to the JOB CREATORS, not to the masses actually doing the work).

State after state is coming up with sneaky, hateful, ignorant laws meant only to suppress the rest of us while they go blithely on their way to creating Fundamentalist Heaven Here On Earth, under the guise of "religious freedom" or the First Amendment. The problem is.......those freedoms don't take into consideration that getting THEIR way at the expense of OTHERS is NOT exactly what the Founding Fathers (bless their hearts) had in mind.

Maybe the old-school Republican, the moderate thinking GOP, the average go-to-church-on-Sunday-before-my-golf-game person on the right does not REALLY believe this. But if all we have to go on is the current crop of candidates and the talking heads on FOX news...this country's in a boatload of trouble.

Anybody that stays away from the voting booth this fall, does so at his/her own peril

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