Monday, April 16, 2012


The manufactured outrage of Stay At Home Moms versus Working Moms is really pointless, and is being used to gain points on the Right. All moms these days have a big job on their hands no matter what. It's a cruel world out there: drugs, guns, fast food, and reality shows. If you're an in-the-home-mom you run the risk of not being in tune with the adult world: politics, arts, music, goings-on in social and literary venues, environmental concerns, economics......simply because your focus is elsewhere. If you're a working mom, you may miss the special moments of your kids' growing up, the play dates with other moms and kids, being there for emergencies when they happen, cleaning up those messes that can't wait till "mom gets home," or being there just because someone needs a hug. Neither one is the perfect solution.

BUT to take a statement out of context, and become "appalled" by it's meaning is hypocrisy. Even President and Mrs. Obama added opinions, thereby giving the whole matter legitimacy, which was unnecessary, in my humble opinion. And of course the Right was up in arms at the drop of hat, er FOX.

Most working moms have no "choice" as Ann Romney and many others do. I applaud that she was able to do that, thanks to her financial position. The rest of us are putting food on the table and roofs over our heads, due to MANY unforeseen circumstances, NOT laziness or "waiting for the government check." And chances are we do not have private schools to send our kids to, nannies to help, lawn service, or even three homes. To insinuate there is NO difference is ludicrous.

UPDATE: Regardless of its level of dignity, for Ann Romney, her work raising her children would not have fulfilled her work requirement had she been on TANF benefits.....HuffPost

And to throw the "but they were her kids, not adopted" is another disingenuous red herring. Another way of getting "their point"' across to we slackers or sinners. The Catholic church has become the Republican party's conservative base's "best friend" of late.

I am ashamed of what this country's political discourse has become. I thought we were better than this. I like to believe at one time we WERE.

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