Friday, April 27, 2012

NO Food Stamps For You.....
we need more bombs.

As usual the Repubs are planning on cutting services for the very "least" of us while giving more to the "biggest" of us. The best way, in their minds, to get this economy moving in the "RIGHT" direction is to grow out military complex. War, for some in this country, is big business.

I wonder how many of them or the Right Wingers they are trying to influence, even remember this:

“When poverty is
considered hopeless, America is condemned to permanent social
division, becoming a nation of caste and class, divided by
fences and gates and guards.

Our task is clear, and it's
difficult: we must build our country's unity by extending our
country's blessings…

We are committed to compassion
for practical reasons. When men and women are lost to
themselves, they are also lost to our nation. When millions are
hopeless, all of us are diminished by the loss of their

The hope we seek is found in safe havens for
battered women and children, in homeless shelters, in crisis
pregnancy centers, in programs that tutor and conduct job
training and help young people when they happen to be on
parole. All these efforts provide not just a benefit, but
attention and kindness, a touch of courtesy, a dose of

This is my message today: there is no great
society which is not a caring society. And any effective war on
poverty must deploy what Dorothy Day called "the weapons of

My administration increases funding for
major social welfare and poverty programs by 8

...I leave you with this challenge: serve a
neighbor in need. Because a life of service is a life of
significance. Because materialism, ultimately, is boring, and
consumerism can build a prison of wants. Because a person who
is not responsible for others is a person who is truly alone.
Because there are few better ways to express our love for
America than to care for other Americans.

~ G.W. Bush,
Notre Dame,
And on another note, just to show you how generous these guys are, there's this:
The Repubs love the poor, students and women.

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