Thursday, May 17, 2012

Contradiction in Terms: Hunger Edition

We live on a semi-private driveway, off of and parallel to a busy road. Just six houses: one resident a widow working in the corporate offices of a LARGE big-box chain; another a "both people working" couple; the next gentleman a teacher at University of Tennessee; further up is a retiree from the FBI (what she could tell you about K Street. She's not a Repub.); the next is a single gal who travels a lot for sales in a food service concern (who is definitely Right Wing churcher, but nice.); and then us, retired former small business owners (whose business went bye-bye due to the economy in upstate Ohio) living mostly on Social Security.

Two Saturdays ago the USPS (that horribly mismanaged government supported about-to-be abolished 'cause unions...yada..yada.) had a food drive: put some nonperishable goods in a bag by your mailbox to picked up by the carrier (or in our case...driver. Debbie is a very neat gal. She even put a stamp I'd forgotten on a letter for me. Hey, I paid her back.)

Well, as we drove down the driveway on our way to do some errands, generally do Saturday-type stuff I looked at the mailboxes. Out of all the mailboxes, there were two bags waiting to be carried away. Yep, you guessed it.........on the two retirees: The Dems. The "socialists" even.

What is it about the conservative church-goers who LOVE to preach about the goodness of man, of themselves....but when it comes to actually DOING something for someone else....especially those less fortunate.... they're absent. I guess it only counts in church where Jesus keeps score, apparently.

And then there is the condemnation from the Right Wing talking heads on the subject. Hunger and those who want to combat it are to be ridiculed voraciously.

Yet, the faithful viewers of this garbage are having their opinions shaped, being told what to accept as good and true, going to vote in the next election to "shape policy" for the rest of us.

We've got some work to do, fellow "bleeding heart liberals." If the Right have their way and the less fortunate must rely on "the state, the churches, and the goodness of their neighborhood network just like in the old days", we're in a pile of trouble. Right Wingers read their Bible, but they have NO idea what it means.

UPDATE: As a further insult, I came across this:
It just never ends.....

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