This Is What We're Up Against

The next few months are going to be a nightmare, in case you just dropped in from Mars or somewhere. The GOP is pulling out all the stops when it comes to Koch Brothers' money, instilling fear, spewing hatred (for everybody, it seems), ratcheting up war speech and military spending, disenfranchising would-be-voters, and venting their hatred and distrust of women and gays. Blacks and Hispanics: duck and cover.

I've often wondered if this is instilled into their poor RW youth at an early age, even before they can even comprehend their actions. Sorta like this:

And then do they grow up to believe it's OK to act like this:

How in the world did some of those people on the Right in positions
of authority whether in politics, education, religion, or business, come to feel that THEIR ideas, THEIR reasoning, THEIR interpretation of the rules, are the bedrock of all that we do in this country and the rest of us be damned. Compromise or seeing another person's point of view (and accepting it as valid) is foreign to them.  

Maybe a lot of it is the fact that some people do not actually move around the country much: they are born and raised in a certain area, grow up there, and don't feel the need to venture much further. I'm glad we moved several times as I was growing up, and I got to experience different kinds of people and life styles. So did my kids as they grew up: friends of different races and cultures, gay couples as neighbors, attending different churches or none at all, and of course changing schools.

So, I guess my point is: get out and REALLY see this great land of ours. There shouldn't BE any "enemies". We're all in this together. I firmly believe that people are taught to behave the way they do...and this feeling is reinforced by the "company that you keep." Temper tantrums, name calling, truth twisting, died-in-the-wool hatred of others, and boatloads of money are going to be our downfall....Left or Right.