Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's Just One Of Those Days

Sometimes it's the little things that make you want to pull your hair out. Usually it's the GOP, but other topics can do it too.
For example, here's the headline of a story I came across from my old "hometown" paper:

Buck Creek State Park drowning victim dies

Does anyone else see the idiocy here? Don't they have copy writers at this paper? This is the Dayton Daily News for Pete's sake. 

Then there is the matter of dealing with AT&T. (Yes, I'm going to go there....) I simply wanted to change my billing date as my direct deposits  aren't in my account until the second Wednesday of the month. Don't ask me who thought THAT up. AT&T's late date is the 3rd of the month. At this particular point in time, things are a little tight for us, and every dollar is accounted for in a timely manner. I simply wanted to make things a little easier to get payments there on time.

Did you know that AT&T does not have to be competitive..the girl on the phone said something to that effect. The billing date is based upon your phone number...???? To change that date you MUST GET A NEW NUMBER. You heard it here, folks. AND there is a $35.00 dollar charge to do so. Unbelievable.......

And the Right is trying to have us all believe that FREE MARKET and not the government is the ONLY way to get things done efficiently. And I'm sure they've already compromised English classes....

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