Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh, That Crazy Ohio !

Things seem to be moving right along in that republican state of Kasichstan, where the governor and his buddies, the Brothers Koch, have surreptitiously inserted their Right Wing agenda into the workings of government. The governor got a pushback on his union busting but things are still a bit rough in the "public worker" section. Take firefighters, for instance: nobody wants to be one because the majority are "volunteers."

“We try to find ways to first bring them in and then keep them,” Smith said of the volunteers, who he said are hard to recruit because some “people don’t won’t to work for pennies on the dollar.”
Convincing everybody that the last part of the statement is a GOOD thing now seems to be a sticking point for the Repubs.
Then I noticed there may be small problem with that "separation of church and state" thing. Reminds me of the government funds being used for Liberty University....your tax payer money spreading the conservative view of higher education to college students whether you 
wanted it or not.
The City of Xenia recently was awarded a $2.7 million grant from the Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund to further revamp what is now the sprawling 253-acre Legacy Center campus.
Partly as a result, a $6 million nursing facility and a Christian radio network will be added to the campus, developers said.
“This property belongs to God,” said Claude “Bud” E. Schindler Jr., president emeritus of Dayton Christian School System. “He is doing his work.”

Excuse me...but why is the state of Ohio paying for "God's work?" I've no qualms with such endeavors...but I'm sure there are LOTS of other Ohio revitalizations that need to me done (have you been to West Dayton, Youngstown, or Akron???)...and this is the best they can come up with? What about the old GOP bromide about the sick, the poor, or the unemployed "going to the church or charities for help. That's what they're there for." The church-sponsored entities apparently have the OK to go to the government.
Oh, there's this, too:
“We strongly believe in Clean Ohio and total revitalization (efforts),” said Kvamme, who serves as JobsOhio’s president and chief investment officer.
Kasich already has named Mark Kvamme, a wealthy Silicon Valley venture capitalist working on a $1 salary, as his director of development who will help shape JobsOhio. (2010)

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