Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The GOP's Big Tent in Tennessee

You know how the Democrats are elitist snobs, always looking down their noses at ordinary folks, not really in tune with the middle class. Well, except for the poor, unemployed, Blacks, Hispanics (Americans, in my book), seniors, single parents, post-fetus beings (children, by another name), LGBT, sick, and those of varying religions or none at all.

“.........because Republicans have been looking for that big tent, and I’m very happy that that big tent is on the conservative side, and that’s really where lots of Americans are going right now,” said DeMint, one of the leaders of the tea party movement on Capitol Hill.
( Sen. DeMint: GOP Really Is 'Big Tent' Party)

Well, looks like the tent is starting to come apart at the seams here in Tennessee:

NASHVILLE — Stewart County Republican Party Chairman Kyle Mallory says Gov. Bill Haslam's greatest failing is that "he hasn't cleaned house" by ridding state government of Democrats and homosexuals in key positions and by hiring a Muslim.

The hiring of Ali, who is being described as "an expert in Shariah Compliant Finance, which is one of the many ways Islamic terrorism is funded" and as "a one-time Obama appointee" from a family with "a long history of supporting the Democratic Party." ECD officials say Ali, who served in a White House fellowship program, has nothing to do with Shariah law or finance


This is not the whole TN GOP, of course, but enough of them to make a stink. Inclusion, compassion and compromise are NOT in the Republican conversation these days....anywhere. Yet they want to blame President Obama for not getting us out of this downhill spiral SOONER.

"If Haslam is sanctioned by the Republicans and not welcome in their party," House Dem Party Leader Fitzhugh said, "he would be welcomed by Democrats."

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