Monday, August 27, 2012

Ah, The "Europeanization" Of America..

Wow, things got a little heated over at Morning Joe this morning. I'm sure you've seen the discussion. But one point I want to bring up is this:

The MSNBC host Chris Matthews criticized Mitt Romney’s birther joke, his consistant claims that Obama imported his domestic policies, and argued that the campaign has sought to foreignize the president. Priebus defended the party by claiming that Obama’s health and economic policies are European, but Matthews quickly dismissed the claim.
PRIEBUS: But I think Obama’s policies have created a sense that for whatever reason, he’s looking to guidance [from Europe] as far as health care is concerned, as far as our spending is concerned 
PRIEBUS: You don’t think the take-over of our health care system called Obamacare is a problem for most Americans?

Well, to me that seems a bit disingenuous, seeing as how both Romney's plan and the President's are the same. Even people on the Right say so: 

The Obama administration may have relied much more heavily on Romney’s Massachusetts healthcare legislation as a blueprint for Obamacare than was previously believed.

Maybe Mr. Romney picked up some pointers when he was spending those three years in France, on a missionary trip of course, NOT being drafted into the American military.

 Chris Matthews was also right on the whole theme of Romney team pushing the "otherness/class/racist" theme against Obama:

I guess I was wrong about Mitt having a"gay" old time over there in France. CNN just set this straight:

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