Saturday, August 11, 2012

Now You've Done It, Mitt

Did you think all those seniors at the Tea Party rallies were in the beginning stage of Alzheimer's? Did you think they wouldn't remember: 

Did you you think they REALLY meant this in 2008:

Well, I guess we'll just see. You've pegged Paul Ryan as your vice-presidential running mate. He, of the Paul Ryan Budget fame: 

 "The most contentious part of Ryan's proposed budget is what he would do to change Medicare, the nation's insurance plan for retirees and a political third rail. Ryan's plan would eventually transform Medicare into defined payments that seniors can use to buy private insurance or a government plan on an insurance exchange. There would be no limits to the out-of-pocket costs seniors could have to pay in this program, but Ryan assumes that the increased competition between Medicare and private plans would bring down overall costs. The amount of money seniors get to buy their insurance can only grow at a slightly higher rate than GDP each year. (The Congressional Budget Office says this would save the government money, but also significantly increase the amount seniors will eventually have to pay for their own insurance"

Oh, did you know this little tidbit:
 After his father's  death, he used Social Security survivor’s benefits to help pay for attending Miami University, where Ryan double majored in economics and political science in 1992. But I guess...he wasn't OLD...........

It's going to be a VERY interesting three months....

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