Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pennies for Pizza

In typical Right Wing fashion, John Schnatter, a multi-millionaire supporter and fundraiser for the Romney campaign, is decrying the fact that Obamacare will cause his franchises to raise the cost of pizza. 

Never mind that about 14,400 of his 16,500 "team members" work part time, are paid minimum wage, and are paid hourly. The law presently states a full-time worker must work 30 hours....

This sounds a little like a congressional hearing held decades ago, where fast food places like McDonalds were not treating their US employees like those overseas: providing some employees at their companies with insurance, but not  those here in the states:,3118105
"Think about the core ingredients that go into a pizza. First, there's dough. Do you know what goes into dough? Mostly it's water and flour. Let's see, water is basically free and flour costs pennies. Minimal amounts of yeast, salt and sugar and there you go. Next, pizza sauce. Even the most dressed-up, fresh homemade sauces are not that expensive; it's just tomatoes, water and spices. Cheese and toppings, while costlier, still add a substantial markup."
Granted, with the past droughts  I'm sure ingredient costs have gone up. and if people are not employed they may not go out to eat as much, but given that pizza is about the cheapest food to eat these days....
Then there are those local family-owned pizza parlors where "everybody knows your name".........

Is there ANYTHING that cannot be made into a political snipe? Or was he hoping that the conservatives would go all Chik-Fil-A like they did a couple weeks ago???

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