Friday, September 7, 2012

Job Well Done, Dems !

Yes, I know...the grand finale of the DNC wasn't what we had hoped for. The event had to be moved to a smaller venue "because they couldn't fill it".....FOX said so, and it MUST be true!! 
At least it had stopped in time for the main events.

For starters, the speakers at the DNC did something refreshingly different from the RNC: they used actual facts. Even the AP fact checkers were a little miffed as all they could do was nitpick. There were no big whoppers as there were last week. As Jon Stewart said:
"Oh, ratios: mathematical parameters from which to extrapolate results."
Other pundits, media "journalists," and even some Dems were taken back by  what was brought forth: facts. I was heartened to hear time after time, the speakers brought home the REAL truth about the main reason we are in this mess: The Republicans planned for it to happen.

"Obama publicly backed the deal -- the kind of public support journalists are now saying was lacking. As soon as Obama got behind the bargain, the GOP fled."
The harping on the "where are the jobs, Obama" that the Right has been doing nonstop....even though that's what THEY were supposedly going to correct as soon as they won the midterm elections....was addressed, too. And now one year later, here we are:
"Moody’s Analytics estimated the American Jobs Act would create 1.9 million jobs and add two percent to gross domestic product."

And yes, there's a long way to go. Rome wasn't built in a day, and it took YEARS for the Republicans...and a few complacent nonvoters on both take us down this path. We've got work to do.
But as James taylor says:

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