Thursday, September 13, 2012

Laughable....but Telling

The last couple of days have been quite a circus for the Romney-Ryan campaign, and a horror show of pain and disbelief for the rest of the world. Whether instigated by an Islamophobic filmmaker on YouTube or an Al-Queda cell's hatred, the result was the same: loss of life for America and Libyan people.
All the media here in the US had something to say, especially about Mitt Romney's right-out-of-the-box blast against the president...and it wasn't good.

Everybody except FOX, that is. Today you will not see ONE word of the Republican candidate's accusations. Yesterday there was this piece:

"It’s fine to criticize Romney’s views; that’s how a debate of substance takes place. It’s also fine to question the timing of his statement (though that’s a question of strategy and tactics, not substance).
This was something different. This was an effort — not entirely conscious — to make it illegitimate for Romney to criticize the president’s foreign policy at a moment when foreign policy has suddenly taken center stage.
But that’s exactly when such a debate should take place — because it’s when the public will actually pay attention.
That is not what The Most High want — a debate. What they want is for Obama to be re-elected. And they’ll use the tools at their disposal to achieve their aim.
Apparently the horror of Romney’s evil words was lost on Obama. In a CBS interview yesterday, he converted the business into a one-liner: “Gov. Romney seems to have a tendency to shoot first and aim later.”
How solemn. How grave.
So it appears one politician can say what he likes and the other can’t. Because, you know, there’s an election to win, and the self-appointed referees are also the fans."

I know I'm preaching to the choir here. But HOW ON EARTH can millions of people live in this country, not making the first effort to get all the facts on anything, believing any and everything that is told to them on one outlet. How can EVERY news outlet, newspaper, website, author, political figure be WRONG...except theirs?

I guess maybe Andy Borowitz said it right:
"An official statement from the Romney campaign did not refer to his latest comments, but indicated that between now and the election Mr. Romney’s schedule would deëmphasize events where he might be called upon to open his mouth."


  1. While I do not watch Fox Noise on a regular basis I had to see what they were saying about Romney's insane/stupid comments.

    I frankly should not have been surprised but their collective defense of Romney frankly blew me away. I cannot stand the morning morons (Fox and Friends) but they were living in whoke other universe than the one we inhabit.

  2. It's disheartening to know that thousands..millions?....of uninformed people in this country EAT THAT STUFF UP. No wonder the rest of the world thinks we're NUTS.