Friday, December 28, 2012

It's Been A Busy Year.........

If you count banning abortions "six-ways-from-Sunday", labeling single women "sluts", taking food away from children, utilizing their "religious freedom" to deny female citizens contraception coverage, calling people who have been looking for jobs a couple years "lazy", denying healthcare to people who are trying to live on less than THEY paid for their cars, keeping track of the Obama family's "outrageous" vacations, and fighting the on-going battle of the War on Christianity. Did I mention also the six-year long campaign of the "Man Who Did Not Want to Become President?" The Republican Party has been in a dither all year......well, four years actually.

It's too bad they couldn't find it in their consciences to give the green light to the minimum wage increase, employment non-discimination, environmental change, campaign transparency, world-wide equal treatment for the disabled, or the Buffett Rule.

Looks like a farm bill will be the next one to be held hostage.
"The House farm bill, approved by Lucas' committee in July, never made it through the GOP-controlled chamber, due primarily to disagreements over how  deeply to cut food stamps. The Democratic-controlled Senate passed its version - the "Agriculture Reform, Food and Jobs Act of 2012" - in June."
Of course.......

"Hmm — perhaps it would have been better if the federal government had never made it their personal business to spend our resources coddling their politically-preferred industries in the first place, no? " nearly as important as oil or coal that the Right panders to. Am I the only one who sees the irony ??

Apparently "hearing the Voice of the American People", losing an election after blowing all the Kochs' money, was just an exercise in futility for the REST of the country. Those in the GOP are hell-bent on going kicking and screaming into the future...and it's not going to be pretty.

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