Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Yep, The Liberal Media At Work

I just took this from NBC's website opening page:
(I'm sure the lead will change thru-out the day.)


"Many of the cuddly newborns of 1947 are now wrinkled retirees collecting the Social Security and Medicare benefits that were promised to them....
The budget standoff is partly the result of those Baby Boom and Baby Bust demographics and of Democrats’ belief in expansive government – best symbolized by President Lyndon Johnson’s creation of Medicare in 1965....

“Republicans enjoy a 33-seat margin in the U.S. House having endured Democratic successes atop the ticket and over one million more votes cast for Democratic House candidates than (for) Republicans,” noted a memo in January from the Republican State Leadership Committee, which organized the $30 million Redistricting Majority Project in 2010."

It's bad enough that nobody is reporting facts on the Republican's stand on the sequester when it was first debated in 2011. Or how they are adamant about not closing loop holes for the rich on taxes. Or how the Democrats have put forth bills to do away with it but these have been filibustered just like the jobs bills and the budgets. The Repubs do not want you to know that you can GOOGLE the President's plan at the White House website. These same right Wingers do not want you to learn the facts about SS or Medicare, just believe that YOU are the problem.

I know there are problems of all sorts....and right now all sides are yelling at each other.
But... it's just easier to blame those they think cannot fight back: one group is seniors (who have worked all their lives, would still work if someone would hire them, lost their retirement funds and stock portfolios, lost their home's value....the mainstay of their retirement plan, and who raised these idiots who now want to yank everything out from under their feet.).

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