Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Repubs:  Bless Their Little Hearts........
If you're from the South, you know darn well what THAT means, and it ain't complimentary. Just like everything else that the Dems and and the President have tried to do over the last four years, the Repubs have tried (and succeeded mostly) to throw a monkey-wrench into the forward movement.....and AGAINST the "will of the majority of the people" who they claim to work for 

"Just enforce the laws already on the books" they LOVE to scream. Of course, they don't want  anyone to KNOW about their consolidated efforts for decades to hamper the enforcement of such laws...and then BRAG about it.

" The "NRA-ILA puts a great deal of effort into protecting gun owners by urging the Congress to pass 'riders'… that help accomplish our agenda." An NRA press release from November 2011 heralded the riders in the ATF appropriation as "Twelve Big Wins for Gun Owners."

To fully understand the time and money the NRA puts into such efforts you might be interested in the following:

The investigative challenges are further complicated by a series of riders authored by then-Rep. Todd Tiahrt, (R-Kan.), in 2003 in collaboration with the NRA. One of the Tiahrt amendments, as they're known, requires the FBI to destroy information contained in Brady or NICS checks within 24 hours. When a felon purchases a gun, he commits a new felony. But the FBI now has only 24 hours to figure that out. In effect, the FBI is required to destroy evidence of a crime. "Obviously, bringing the record retention down to 24 hours would preclude any significant investigation," says Julius Wachtel, a retired ATF agent with 20 years of service. "One might as well not even bother."
Lawrence O'Donnell also points out one of their little attempts at hindering investigations of any crime relating to guns or gun powder."The NRA has successfully blocked any requirements for such taggants in gunpowder.."
Of course the Repubs are not totally stupid. They are going to present their own version of gun regulation, CONTAINING MANY OF THE SAME POINTS AS THE ONE PRES. OBAMA PUSHED FOR:
"Republicans say they will offer an alternative bill, Grassley-Cruz, but only the fact sheet below has been released..."

Just like Medicare, Social Security, and everything else.....if Obama wants it, there're against it. They'll do it THEIR way.



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