Thursday, June 27, 2013

Eeney Meeney Miney Mo, Catch A .......

Everybody knows the rest of that little rhyme....and you're lying if you're of a "certain age" and say you don't. Yea...we've ALL been a little racist in our lives. I'm kind of disgusted with all of us at the moment....left and right. Right- for their blatant racism, sexism, and general "me before everybody else" attitude. Left- for their "we're above it all", take the media's version and run attitude. (I thought WE were the ones that had all the facts, didn't join the fray, and were the "lets the story play out" before pointing fingers.) Hypocrites. 

I know, this Paula Deen scandal, you say, is a symptom of all that is wrong with the south. You are using it to prove your point that this part of the country is decades behind the rest of the country, and that Blue states are more "advanced" than Red ones. I get that!! I've lived in both..there is a world of difference.....BUT before you all go around beating your chest about bringing down this lady that has worked for decades to raise her family and build this business (whether YOU like it or not..and you are entitled to your view of old-style southern cooking, etc. I was raised on it..but I now view my diet differently.)...why not bother to get some background. All anybody has heard has been the other side, and Paula's naive and poor attempts to redeem herself. (Where was her attorney? This should have been a NO.) 

Last year was the first attempt at this: 

The original letter (a must-read)  from the plaintiff's attorney: http://media.cmgdigita... 

And now the lawyer of this woman is preparing to file a lawsuit for slander against Bobby Deen for publicly defending his mother and her business? 
 WALMART, the company that gets all its products from dirt cheap labor overseas, cuts everybody's hours, used the "Made in America" meme to con the public for years, has a lawsuit against it in Mexico, and pays everyone so little that they give their new "associates" applications for SNAP when they are  hired......
And TARGET....where they support antigay rights and make employees watch antiunion videos? THESE companies have the gall to say Paul Deen does not reflect their values????

Please......give me a break. Trial by media, a favorite pastime of the American public and our "judicial" system. No matter how far we advance.....our basic nature never changes, I'm sorry to say. 

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