Sunday, June 9, 2013


Let's see: Obama won a second term. Right Wingers are beside themselves. They thought for sure that all that money they collected, and the Kochs spent, was going to be a surefire win...FOX even told Romney it was in the bag. I mean, they did NOT spend four years obstructing, mocking, whining, back-walking all their own policies for nothing......

The current "scandals"  they are conflagrating must be played out for the next three years...can't have any governing going on, or laws to help the economy passed. Anything to keep this administration from making progress, or being seen as anything other than "the destroyer of everything" or "the devil incarnate."

NOW we have revelations about the NSA. The bottom line was....can you say it....PATRIOT ACT. Yes, there has always been trust and unease about the policy that Bush and Co., as True Patriots and Americans subjected this country to. But the timing, the leaker, and the disclosure itself are suspect.

Glenn Greenwald's Anti-Obama Vendetta Continue
"There was a time when I really wished I could understand what drives Glenn Greenwald's hatred of President Obama. But then, I realized. I really don't care. I just wish his editors would be a little more discerning with his use of links and, um, "facts."
His taseteless tweet and his follow up comments regarding it:
And the fact that Grreenwald dislikes the man terribly:
"Greenwald has been one of the loudest and harshest critics of the Obama administration, and while not actually a liberal or an Obama supporter, he is frequently identified as a blogger who is “disappointed with President Obama” over what he sees as serious violations of civil liberties."

Yes, there needs to be a rational debate on how much privacy and security we, as United States citizens are assured of versus the information covertly obtained to protect our country. This is NOT a new, suddenly subversive issue. The disingenuous outrage, and the "gee, I didn't know our government was capable of such a thing" from both the Right and Left, which in turn stirs up the citizenry is unbelievable.

I can't believe this is just an altruistic move from an American journalist, living mostly in Brazil, writing for an British paper...and looking out for the "good" of his fellow Americans. Maybe I'm just cynical enough to question such things.....

"Maybe, in the end, it’s not even the politics that matter the most to Glenn Greenwald. Maybe what’s most important to him is ensuring that he’s not ignored."

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