Sunday, July 21, 2013

Getting It Out There

Trying to push through against FOX, Breitbart, ALEC, Limbaugh, Boehner, the GOP, and all those others who are spending millions of dollars in order to save their investment in BiG PHARMA and the insurance industry.

Here is the video:

And then there is this: healthcare premiums in three states so far, are going to be going down with minimum coverage going up....Obamacare mandates what will be covered in it's basic coverage. It is usually is more than what some insurance plans want to cover. 


  1. I love how the vast majority of opposition to health care reform boils down to people who do not give a damn about anyone else but their small family.

  2. People do not seem to understand the concept of "everybody in the pool".....more people buying insurance means the costs go down. They are ALREADY part of one if they have employer-based insurance, or Medicare. But to ASK them to participate on principle.....they object. What is WRONG with this country these days?? ( I know...but you can guess.)