Monday, July 1, 2013

Raise Up A Child In The Way He Should Go....Right Wing Version

In an attempt to manipulate the thinking of 'future voters" ....they already have the attention of corporatists and religious fundamentalists.....those on the right are going full speed ahead to demolish the public school system. And make money doing it.
"We need to be cautious about talking too much about these activities," Dick DeVos warned in a December 2002 speech at the Heritage Foundation. legislatures...Pro-privatization think tanks had concluded that vouchers were the most politically viable way to "dismantle" public schools...Dick DeVos introduced his 2002 Heritage Foundation audience to a covert strategy to provide "rewards or consequences" to state legislators, ... Vouchers should be promoted by local "grass roots" entities and could not be "viewed as only a conservative idea."  DeVos added, "This has got to be the battle.  It will not be as visible."

The whole idea of "parent trigger laws", such as the one Bobby Jindall introduced in his state, is to help parents in failing schools, usually in the inner city, to have a say in their children's learning process, to restructure them, and save their children's future. But some parents have been misled by these organizations, and there is doubt about their effectiveness.
But like everything else, the Republicans and other Right wing groups have found a way to hijack the process, funnel taxpayer money to pay for it, dumb down the student body, insert their revised educational cirriculum, and make a buck or two. People are beginning to catch on:

And in order to to muddy the waters a bit, they have given these groups innocent, patriotic names: Parent Revolution is one. Don't be fooled....ALEC, the name the Koch Brothers hide behind is the one sending model legislation to the state for their implementation.
The Bradley Foundation, headed by Governor Scott Walker's campaign co-chair Michael Grebe, has underwritten a massive, pro-privatization propaganda campaign, including "a systematic and relentless campaign to turn public opinion against the public school system.“massive”-campaign-promote-s

So....the "outrage" over the public education system country wide begins. All by design just like all the others we've heard over the last years: abortion, voter fraud, freedom of religion, taxes, immigration.......mock it, defund it, criticize it's effectiveness, replace it, privatize it.

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