Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Texas Against It's Women

Some feedback from Rick Perry Land before he sneaks through.....probably in the dark of night next week....his anti abortion bill like Ohio and North Carolina have just done.

"Bill sponsor Jodie Lauberberg (of rape kit fame....) repeatedly says....that this bill is about women’s health and safety.
Their speeches weren’t on that topic. Not a word from the chairman to stop them. Not a damn word."

And then there's the real kicker BEHIND their "women's health and safety" line:

"In addition to criminalizing abortion services after 20 weeks, the other provisions in Texas’ abortion proposals would impose harsh restrictions on abortion providers. By subjecting abortion clinics (substitute health clinics for their term) to new regulations that would force them to make expensive updates to their facilities — unnecessary measures that major medical groups, like the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, oppose.."
"Under Texas’ proposed legislation, many clinics that currently offer birth controls and condoms would have to cease those services for some of Texas’ neediest residents."

See a pattern here? You should.

"According to the Sunlight analysis the Texas bill shares multiple instances of identical text with 12 of the 12 bills to which it was compared, including Virginia."
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