Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Coincidence, I'm Sure

If at first you don't succeed in repealing, delaying or defunding the ACA, why not have a go at making it inaccessible? Seems like we've seen this movie before, only it featured schools, prisons, unions, turnpikes,………voting booths.

"……… – the federal site that's gotten the most attention, and had the most problems – wasn't even supposed to be the main portal into buying coverage. The overloading of that site is due almost entirely to the intransigence of Republican state legislators who punted on the development of their own exchanges.

Reporters who giddily write up their personal trials in signing up on are representative in one very real way: most of the other people visiting are also not seriously in the market for health insurance. A Pew poll found that only 29% of the visitors to the federal portal were actually uninsured, and only 32% were in fact shopping for coverage."

"The Obama administration bears the ultimate blame for the faulty rollout. However, the concerted effort of Republican governors to sabotage Obamacare must be considered the genesis. The expectation was that each state would run their exchanges. When most Republican governors whose states were capable, neglected their duties, additional burdens were placed on the design of"


  1. In a weird way Republicans never cease to amaze me.I honestly believe we have not yet seen their worst possible behavior when it comes to hanging on to power.

  2. Even Howard Dean has broached this subject….