Friday, May 9, 2014

Republicans of the Female Variety are In a Quandary

Wow…it seems like the GOP is starting to get the idea that women just aren't that into them. So they have a new strategy:

"Women process information differently than men," [Republican ad maker Ashley] O'Connor says. "So much of political advertising focuses on conflict, and facts and figures, and I think that we're already starting to see, when reaching women voters, there's just new techniques that need to be used, and a different tone, and more storytelling."

There, I'm sure that will fix it….

When Rep. Ann Wagner (R-Mo.) was asked Monday by The St. Louis Post-Dispatch why Republicans have lagged in recruiting women, she answered, “I don’t know.”

She is the head of a project to remedy this situation, since Republican men are too busy walking around with their feet in their mouths, I guess.
Project Grow

Of course, all you learn from this link is DONATE HERE.

Maybe I can give them a little insight as to the problem. For some reason most intelligent women don't take to kindly to: 

You want birth control? YOU'RE A SLUT!

Women who pay for her date's meals are disgusting!

"If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways of shutting that whole thing down"

Or maybe it's the patronizing:
 “Forgive me because you and I both know Senator Feinstein. I have the highest regard for her. You’re saying you think she was emotional in these conclusions?”

It could be the demeaning:

“The fact that she’s also going to be a grandma will help to humanize her,”

 “men are more motivated by money than women are.” 

It is pretty bad when women even get into the act:
Women are being told to go to collegeto find a mate.

After all that, Repubs have shown that MONEY is more important than actual  people, of either sex.

"... it has been shown that lower-income Republicans feel that preserving benefits is far more important than higher-income Republicans seem to. Higher-income Republicans tend to believe that it is more important to focus on steps to reduce the budget deficit than it is to preserve entitlements such as social security. Democratic beliefs on Social Security are not divided by income."

You will notice I didn't even get into LGBT issues, climate change, single mothers, democracy or oligarchy, environment, education, immigration, job opportunities, homelessness, the place of religion in politics, the art of war, unions, healthcare……or are these "unwomanly?"

Personally, if I lived in Michigan,  I think I'd rather be more interested in this


  1. ...or are these "unwomanly?"

    Well, as far as republican are concerned, they are unamerican as well. Truthfully in my opinion the country is totally and utter screwed until a bunch of old white men, with preconceived notion of superiority, die off. Whether or not the United States survives to the other side is questionable.

  2. You and I have the same outlook! I simply CANNOT believe how many folks actually DO NOT see what is going on (oh, does that make me sound like a FOXER??). Little by little, thanks to ALEC and the like, things that we took for granted…and have been working for for decades)... are being chipped away: all for conservative, white, rich, male purity…and "freedom." Sounds like the dying gasps of a failed party, I hope. But we DO suffer in the mean time.