Friday, June 27, 2014


East Tennessee was treated to the Tea Party Take Our Country Back Palooza yesterday. (No, I opted for a root canal and having all my fingernails pulled out instead……..)

"Each [speaker] in turn brought the tea partiers to their feet repeatedly with hot-button lines and anti-Obama rhetoric. The speeches touched a nerve of anger that permeated the room."

Buthave faith in those that live around Knoxville. Read the comments. And if you live in this area.or anywhere in the south, actually……GET OUT AND VOTE THIS NOVEMBER. I know, the speakers at this TP revival are has-beens but they are still spreading their poison. (We still have Lamar Alexander, Marsha Blackburn, Bob Corker, Stacy Campfield, Scott DeJarlais, and all the rest of those GOP folks in the state to contend with also.)

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