Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I am so glad we live in a democratic nation….with liberty and justice for all. A land where a person's race, color, religion or creed has no bearing on how they are treated. A place where thoughtful discourse is conducted in the pursuit of rightful actions…….

Thanks to Michael Luciano at The Daily Banter:

And of course, the police and other officials are going to get to the bottom of the Micheal Brown shooting (  any day now. I am sure shooting and killing an unarmed black teenager walking in the middle of the street was obviously called for…..they just have to dig deep enough to "find the facts" and also discredit the friend who saw it all happen. (Good thing this young man obtained a lawyer early in to the investigation.unusual events have been known to happen in such cases)
Beaverceek, Ohio where we moved from a few years ago, also had a shooing....this time in Walmart. Again there are questions as to why a black man who was holding a BB gun sold in the store was shot by police. Alerted by an ex-Marine in the store with his wife, who followed him around, a rush of people to the exits also caused the death of a woman with a medical condition. Of course, a store video of all this would probably simplify things... . Silly me! 

If we could just keep all those brown-skinned, poor little disease ridden immigrant children from our borders.. 
If we could just keep those "other" families in their place, in their own failing schools, taking low wage jobs, blaming them for all our troubles…
If we could just get everyone believing the Bible is the ruling concept of our country, that no religion besides fundamentalism is even worth considering, and that guns are the answer to a peaceful coexistence…
….then this truly would be a caucasian conservative Christian paradise.

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