Monday, August 18, 2014

I Suppose It's Just Optics….

edited or otherwise. 

We all know by now some version or other of the killing of a black Ferguson teenager by a white Ferguson policeman. We have all heard at least three versions of the police chief's explanation of the chain of events. We have all seen the military-type response to both the outpouring of grief, turned to rage, leading to looting that had nothing to do with the original shooting.

I am pretty sure that somewhere in the midst of all this racism, hatred, and feeling of frustration lies the truth. You can be sure of one thing: if a black policeman had shot and killed a white teenager (whether he was aware of an alleged crime or not) in a white neighborhood (middle-class or poorer…) the aftermath would have been different. And a LOT different if it had been an upperclass area……

Two of the autopsy reports are out: the first really saying nothing. The second one can be somewhat inconclusive except to discredit partially the witnesses belief Brown was shot in the back, but NOT disproving he had his hands up in surrender. Then there are the live tweets about the shooting hat the msm has not touched on. Hmmmmm.

The police department very co-incidently released a surveilance video along with the name (finally) of the shooter who has long since scooted out of town. They were asked not to, since tensions were already high…... I guess the cops were bent out of shape at being replaced by the Highway Patrol folks with a black leader. (My take on things, only)

They released only a portion of the video…..but not this part: 
Then add to the story that the police and others in charge are still attempting to thwart the media from doing their job…informing the public what is really happening…instead of hoping they will rely on sanitized press releases being put out by those "in charge."     (Thanks, EZKOOL)
And the officials, and our government (local or otherwise) wonder why we have no faith or trust in them???

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