Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Since the GOP is intent on making it hard….if not impossible…for lots of folks to vote, we have to be extra vigilant and knowledgable on the subject. FOX and many other media outlets are reinforcing this nonsense about "voter fraud" like the good little paid corporatists they are. 

Along with the tried-and-true gerrymandering, shortening of hours and locations, the GOP is going full-tilt on voter ID. For good information on the topic….if you can get your Uncle Harry or your Tea Party mother-in-law to listen….start here:

"Questions for American Leftists on the subject of voter ID"
While I can't speak for "American Leftists", I'll try to answer your questions as an American.

"1. Can you name countries where ID is not required to vote?"
Can you name countries where ID is required to vote, but NOT supplied to every voter in the nation, as is the case in the U.S.?
Moreover, you do realize that ID is required for registration by every voter in the U.S. in all 50 states under federal law (HAVA), right? ID is also required for voting in a majority of states without a problem. It's only those Republican-run states where they have implemented very strict types of state-issued Photo ID (which they know millions of largely Dem-leaning voters don't have) where it is a problem.
You knew all of that right? If you did, why would you be asking these silly questions?

"2. Why is the requirement to show ID an impediment to voting?"
It isn't. The requirement to show a very specific TYPE of state-issued Photo ID that many largely Dem-leaning voters don't have is, however, an impediment to some 21 million legally registered voters who do not own that type of very narrow, state-issued Photo ID. That, of course, is exactly why Republicans are attempting to require it. (For example, a state-issued gun license is fine for voting in many states where the GOP is trying to suppress the vote with these laws. But a state-issued student ID is not fine for voting in those same states. Now why would that be the case?)

This is a must read if you find yourself involved in such an "debate". Maybe it will help….

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