Friday, November 28, 2014

Loosen the blindfold on Lady Justice…...

Now that answer to the question "will Darren Wilson be indicted for killing an unarmed black kid" has been given, here are a few things to consider…and you WON"T find them on Fox or any Right Wing radio station:

 McCulloch, the prosecutor in the case, is charging a black officer for hitting a suspect's hand during an altercation which happened before Michael Brown's shooting...

Even Nancy Grace, the no-holds-barred lawyer of TV fame..and no liberal herself…thinks there's something really wrong with McCulloch's grand jury tactics:

A law professor at Washington State University in St. Louise thinks the whole grand jury presentation is at fault:
“The case should be presented to a new grand jury that is properly instructed on the law and provided with evidence without any appearance of bias or leaning,” said Mae Quinn, JD, director of the law school’s Juvenile Law and Justice Clinic.

Also, the assistant to the prosecutor gave the jurors an outdated…now illegal…law on which to judge all the "evidence' they were to present. Then after everything was presented she said, in essence "oh, never mind…we goofed….my bad."
Add all this to the facts we already know: the prosecutor's father was a policeman killed in the line of duty, by a black man. Nine out of the twelve jurors were white. The defendant, Darren Wilson was allowed to give testimony for 4 hours but the prosecutor that was supposed to be bringing charges, not defending him.

All the people want is to actually bring this man to trial, present ALL the evidence not just cherry-picked sections, and let that be the end of it. They and the family were denied that right…and Michael Brown's family has been forced to endure a "let's blame the victim" scenario on top of shooting death. 

No, the looting, and rioting were not called for, and self-destructive. Not ALL protestors there participated…but the nation was only presented the race-bating narrative. The police and the governor spent weeks psychologically "baiting" the people of Ferguson with threats and shows of force. (Tell teenagers NOT to do something, and of course it is the first thing they will do…..)

I don't know where we go from here…I'm not personally involved. I probably should not even give it a second thought. But if we don't start seeing, feeling, and thinking of others besides ourselves……we have no one to blame when those in higher positions…procured through moneyed interests using religion and race as weapons….we are ALL in for a world of hurt.

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