Sunday, November 9, 2014


We all know about the Right's endless battle to disenfranchise whole swatches of potential voters….."those people."

We have heard ad infinitum about about the rampant "voter fraud' being committed by those same people, with the help of the Dems, of course. 

We cringe at the mention of the SCOTUS vote on Citizens United, which undoubtedly had a major influence on the midterm elections…even though a scant 35 percent of our eligible voters bothered to even do so, probably disgusted with the whole thing. ( )

But here in Tennessee where the color red is as vibrant as Volunteer Orange to UT in my city of Knoxville, the Religious Right has found a NEW way to influence election outcomes in their usual covert way. Well, it's really more like FOX Folks telling women and young people not to vote. 

According to Tennessee's constitution, the number of votes for passage of an amendment to said constitution must equal half of the total votes cast for the governor. Voting just for the amendment itself doesn't cut it, and the outcome was might close. This should be really interesting.

"Essentially, the plaintiffs charge, only the votes of people who voted in the gubernatorial election should be tabulated in the amendment referendum. The lawsuit cites several sources, including a website and a Nashville Catholic church’s Oct. 12 Sunday program, in which supporters of Amendment 1 inform fellow supporters that not voting in the governor’s race and casting a “Yes” vote for the amendment will effectively “double” their vote by lowering the number of votes cast in the governor’s race."

Does this remind you of anything?
"We don't want everyone to vote, because when everyone votes…we lose."
Same BS, different day.

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