Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hmmmm, This Will Be Interesting

For those of us who try to get to the truth of a matter, and do our background research, having to wade through "conspiracy" theories, RWNJ websites, gossip and other MSM misinformation takes up most of our time. Usually the Newsmax, Breitbart, or anything with patriot, freedom, or christian in the moniker gives it away…

"Google could launch an effort to keep trolls and bad information at bay, with a program that would rank websites according to veracity, and sort results according to those rankings. Currently, the search engine ranks pages according to popularity, which means that pages containing unsubstantiated celebrity gossip or conspiracy theories, for example, show up very high."

"By checking pages against that database, and cross-referencing related facts, the research team believes the algorithm could assign each page a truth score. Pages with a high proportion of false claims would be bumped down in the search results."

It would be a help to be able to cross check facts, numbers, authors and their political relationships, and the history behind the current debates. And to "follow the money…." Only then are you able to form an intelligent opinion on any subject.

Of course there are certain portions of the citizenry who are opposed to such a thing…

“I worry about this issue greatly… My site gets a significant portion of its daily traffic from Google,” Anthony Watts, who runs a popular blog for climate change deniers, told

But in the end
"it's not really true that the facts have a liberal bias. Or a conservative one. That line was a joke……... The truth is that facts don't have any bias at all; they just sit there and exist. It's we who have the biases."

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