Sunday, March 29, 2015

Traveling to Nashville in April?

You might want to check those hotel reservation dates against THIS:

Of course, there will be all kinds of exciting frivolity:

Not to be left out of any important guns-and-glory-attention-getting, money-collecting-relevance-seeking…….Mama Grizzley Herownself will be there:

"Just because we host a convention like the NRA does not mean the city embraces or endorses their platform and positions," said Metro Councilman Jerry Maynard….
"Whether we agree with them politically or not should not be the threshold. The threshold should be we are a welcoming city, a hospitality city, and we want to welcome every group here whether we agree with them or not, …"

Doesn't sound like Indiana, does it? But I'm sure that to most folks coming to this GunCon…..being armed is their religion.

But you might still be able to keep those reservations at your favorite restaurant: 

There are numerous restaurants within close proximity to the Music City Center, many of which are posted against carry by permitted individuals.


  1. I have family members who would love such events. I don't talk with them anymore.

  2. It's better for your blood pressure!