Thursday, May 14, 2015

Insure Tennessee Failed, But Lawmakers Doing Great

Folks in Tennesse remember this:

 "... the public has the right to know the Medicaid expansion program is going to bankrupt Tennessee.…..Now we’re taking it out to where the public can see it. As long as everyone is doing the right thing and following free-market principles they should have nothing to worry about.

Well, the public can see this and the hypocrisy emanating from it: 

"More former and retired Tennessee state legislators are covered by the state employee health insurance program than are current members of the General Assembly — including some who have moved on to other public office, others who haven’t served in more than 30 years and some who were convicted of crimes, state records show."

Can't have the ordinary citizens and taxpayers footing the bill (subsiding low incomes) for these poor folks health insurance. Wouldn't be prudent. They need "some skin in the game." Or to quote a Tea Party member comment: 
"... doesn’t justify spending money we don’t have and forcing other people to pay for the medical care of people they do not even know." 
But as long as you've ever served the state of Tennessee…in any capacity for any amount of time….and are no longer there, for any reason, the taxpayer can foot YOUR insurance premiums. And the state can subsidize part of it, just like ALL employer-funded plans do.

"Former state Sen. Edgar Gillock of Memphis is enrolled; he left the Legislature in 1982 after being convicted of taking $130,000 for his influence in awarding government contracts."

Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey, R-Blountville, defended the state health coverage for sitting lawmakers Wednesday. But didn't seem to know the whole story: "That’s something I’ll have to check into and get back with you,” he said.

Yes, let's get it out there where the public can see it. Not that it matters. This Republican run state does exactly what it wants anyway…..voters be damned. 

"They (Americans For Prosperity) have a full-time staff, they've poured in a lot of money indirectly and directly," said Ingram, who was registered to lobby last session for a pro-Insure Tennessee business group. "It's largely to push whatever agenda they have and influence, frankly, our elected officials, our issues, disproportionately more than any of us as individual voters can.

But that's another continuing story….


  1. Occasionally in the past I expressed wished just to leave, and I mean abandon, this sinking ship of a country. The trouble with that idea it's far more complicated than it seems. Might have to rethink my tactics, I'm scared to imagine how much more crazy things can get.

  2. Actually.....probably no other country wants us, I'm afraid.