Monday, July 6, 2015

OK folks...

…please tell me WHY on earth this country is so gung-ho to celebrate one of the darkest, and most destructive eras in this country's history?

Yes, it should be studied and commemorated in it's TRUE historical context… help us see how far we have come as a people (hopefully). But this one has me really baffled:

16 New Civil War-Inspired Products!

Generation to Generation

                   Get the look of the quilts of the Civil War period when you use any of these           gets fabrics, quilt kits or patterns!

Glory Bound Quilt Kit

Glory Bound Quilt Kit


No, I really "get it." There were two sides at odds with each other over the fate of third side that had no say in any of it at the time. To have one side continuing to honor an attempt to tear apart a country, lose, and consider it a victory is just ludicrous to me. It just seems a bit out-of-touch considering the raw animosity today. (Tho, I did not see any "stars and bars"……) And they are just quilting projects from a really cool company, but it made me wonder…….

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