Sunday, June 7, 2020

Donald Trump's Chinese Toy

I just watched Margaret Brennan's interview on Face The Nation with Attorney General (emphasis on "general") Barr and I am still shaking my head. The man continued to give a version of this past week's happenings that even cell phone videos cannot justify. This would have worked in the 1960's, but not today. Thank you technology!

"To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle."
George Orwell

I have come to the conclusion that questioning, reporting on, quoting, or opposing this president and his administration is an attempt in futility. One would have better luck trying to grow corn in a field of quicksand. Donald Trump and his minions can produce a falsehood as easily
 and thoughtlessly as you and I produce carbon dioxide.

It's more like that little 
Chinese finger trap we played with as kids: Put your fingers in and simply pull them out again, right? The harder you pulled, the tighter the woven toy became. The harder we try to expose the truth and mechanisms of this administration, the more we get caught in the maze of lies, misdirections, and bullshit. 

Saturday, June 6, 2020

There is Something Rotten in Denmark

or is that Boston, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, DC, and many other cities this week. Black Lives Matter has exposed to the world (this time we have the videos) that not many lives matter, really. This is not new to us. Power and control over these lives, or the loss thereof, is much more important than listening to what other viewpoints are. A war is much more honorable than a compromise, definitely more manly. Turning the other cheek: what a concept. Walking in another man's shoes is for losers!

Thus it follows that 57 members of a Boston police force applaud in support as two officers leave the courthouse when charges are brought against them for shoving a 75-year old man to the concrete...and we saw it on video. The all those men quit the force in protest. Uh...OK.

In Philadelphia a police department commander is caught beating a young lady with his metal baton like a mad man. If he'd been black, he would have been shot on the spot. All of this happening across the country as decades of indiscriminate brutality finally came to ahead with the death (murder) of George Floyd..robbed of his "freedom to breathe" by a cop who put a knee to his neck for almost 9 minutes...and never broke a sweat or pulled his hands out of his pockets. (Got those cellphone videos again.)

But surely those in charge of running this country, maybe President Trump, those elected to "serve and protect the Constitution" and the rights and responsibilities contained therein are formulating a measured response to all this madness and chaos! Nope: employ tear gas, pepper bombs, flash bangs, rubber bullets (which are metal bullets covered in rubber, by the way) and hold up a Bible in front of church. Then for good measure construct a bigger metal fence around the barriers already there.

Folks, we are in some deep do-do.

Just an aside here: somebody please explain to Trump and Barr what Antifa means ((although I'm sure they already do but it's better just to spew it our there). It's short for antifascist: someone who is against a totalitarian type of government. Who fought against fascism? Everybody on the same side as the Americans in World War II. 

Thursday, June 4, 2020

All The President"s Strong Men

I'm sure you are all aware by now of Donald Trump's affinity for larger-than-life men, the ones who walk tall, speak with authority, are not afraid to be brave, and who have total control of any situation. They never smile or have a folksy sense of humor either, apparently, or good haircuts.

Vladimir Putin (2020-02-20).jpg

Just to be on the safe side, in case Bill Barr isn't around to help bolster this image he is trying to create for himself, Trump resorted to this maneuver:

I, for one, am glad he"s finally built that wall.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The Apprentice President

Lights. Camera. Action. Cue the extras. Background smoke and noise.

This was the scene last night in DC when Donald Trump recreated his 2016 "Law and Order President" characterization in front of the whole world. Putin had to be really proud of his puppet at the sight. The rest of us stared, unbelieving, at the scene unfolding before us: Trump doing his best George Patton impersonation (or Mussolini, depending on your take) while teargassing, shooting rubber bullets at, and bullying a peaceful crowd of protesters with riot shields and horses in the background. Spouting platitudes and his version of how America should be run, with the help of the military might of this country (needed or not), he instilled not love and comfort, but fear and division. This hollow man can only be himself while threatening and demeaning others. Empathy, compassion, history, and faith escape this man.

Once his "opponents", those "thugs" were dispatched he proceeded to walk (forcefully, in his mind) to a church he's only been in once to hold up a Bible (a book he's never read) for a hastily staged photo-op to shore up his base. Deplorable.

"A man with with a long history of racial discrimination......should never run our government or command our military."  Hillary Clinton 2017
Is anybody listening now?

P.S. How about a remake on that coronavirus?

Thursday, May 4, 2017


Well, there you have it: Republicans have finally achieved their seven-year long dream of sticking it to Obama and the least in the first round. After these folks get back to their hometowns, hear from their constituents who are losing their insurance ("It's only seven percent of the population" said one GOPer), and pat themselves on their collective backs for preserving their Right Wing cred, maybe reality will set in. But then again, Trump voters will never be able to see the forest for the trees. 

Never mind that the ACA was beginning to level out, never mind that the uncertainty of the Trump administration's plan on this was causing real problems, never mind that adjustments (bipartisan efforts) would have solved the ACA's problems going forward...the GOP (Paul Ryan especially) were determined to erase anything Obama did from the history books. 

Speaking of history: lots of healthcare talk has centered around "preexisting conditions." From the GOP point of view, these are conditions in your medical history that "those other people" must deal with...because of poor life choices, station in life, race, sex, age, lack of religious beliefs, or place of birth. NOT them of course, and beside they have taxpayer subsidized insurance. 

Having worked in OB/GYN and family practice, and dealing with insurance, let me present a short list of these conditions if they have EVER showed up as a diagnosis on your fee slip as you checked out:
abnormal pap smear, elevated blood sugar, back pain, hypothyroid, dizziness, heavy periods, obesity, smoker, use of alcohol, asthma, COPD, history of miscarriage, restless leg syndrome, fibromyalgia, migraines, allergies, pregnancy, age level, STDs, cancer (cured years ago), eating disorders, skin, disorders, ....almost any diagnosis submitted to get payment. Notice these are NOT the heavy hitters you would naturally think of such as cancer, MS, Parkinson's, tuberculosis, Alzheimers, or birth defects. ANYTHING the insurance companies can use to charge you higher premiums will suffice...for anybody. And do NOT think that these practices will be on just the exchanges. Insurance companies will be spreading this to their employer-based group policies, too. 

All you poor folks trying to work two jobs, or go to school, raise a family as a single parent or make your Social Security go a little farther: don't worry. The STATES will get a hunk of money to divide among you, if it's not swallowed up in administration costs. It makes the Repubs feel so good to pass the buck on care for all those folks, and think they have done a great job. Praise the lord! Now the rich and corporations can get those tax cuts, which was the main purpose of this whole thing.

It was liberal Juan Williams’ turn to speak. “I hope it covers mental illness because we’re seeing a lot of it at the table tonight,” he began. Williams slammed Trump for pressuring Republicans to pass the bill because he was “desperate for something that he can call a victory.”.....from FOX News/Newshounds
But do NOT give up....can't see this mess passing the Senate vote. Think of this as Trump's premature "Mission Accomplished" moment.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Well, looky here:

Those Repubs were strutting around like the cocks they are....pun intended.
They got to override the President's veto on the 9/11 Survivors Bill to sue Saudi Arabia. Wow, are they sooooo smart.....they showed THAT guy. Just like the games they've been playing for eight years. 

"You know, that was a good example of — it seems to be a failure to communicate early about the potential consequences of a piece of legislation was obviously very popular," he said. (Mitch McConnell, that is. )
Seems like the future consequences of the United States being sued in similar circumstances has just dawned on them.


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Show Me The Gotcha…..

After reading all the BS lame complaints by Right Wingers about the HORRIBLE Republican Debate on CNBC the other night…I couldn't stomach watching it …….I came upon this comment in a discussion (Kudos, of the mess. Facts are a terrible thing to waste. GOP.

Here are the real questions to the Republicans:
  Mr. Trump, you’ve done very well in this campaign so far by promising to build a wall and make another country pay for it. Send 11 million people out of the country. Cut taxes $10 trillion without increasing the deficit. And make Americans better off because your greatness would replace the stupidity and incompetence of others. Let’s be honest: Is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign?

    This one is for Senator Rubio. You’ve been a young man in a hurry ever since you won your first election in your 20s. You’ve had a big accomplishment in the Senate, an immigration bill providing a path to citizenship the conservatives in your party hate, and even you don’t support anymore. Now, you’re skipping more votes than any senator to run for president. Why not slow down, get a few more things done first or least finish what you start?

    Governor Bush, daily fantasy sports has become a phenomenon in this country, will award billions of dollars in prize money this year. But to play you have to assess your odds, put money at risk, wait for an outcome that’s out of your control. Isn’t that the definition of gambling, and should the Federal Government treat it as such?

    Senator Paul, among the leading conservative opponents to the creation of Medicare back in the 1960s was Ronald Reagan. He warned that it would lead to socialism. Considering the mounting cost of Medicare, was he right to oppose it?

    Senator Cruz, working women in this country still earn just 77 percent of what men earn. And I know that you’ve said you’ve been very sympathetic to our cause. But you’ve also you said that the Democrats’ moves to try and change this are the political show votes. I just wonder what you would do as President to try and help in this cause?

And here are the real questions to the Democrats:
    Secretary Clinton, I want to start with you. Plenty of politicians evolve on issues, but even some Democrats believe you change your positions based on political expediency. You were against same-sex marriage. Now you’re for it. You defended President Obama’s immigration policies. Now you say they’re too harsh. You supported his trade deal dozen of times. You even called it the “gold standard”. Now, suddenly, last week, you’re against it. Will you say anything to get elected?

    Governor O’Malley, the concern of voters about you is that you tout our record as Baltimore’s mayor. As we all know, we all saw it. That city exploded in riots and violence in April. The current top prosecutor in Baltimore, also a Democrat, blames your zero tolerance policies for sowing the seeds of unrest. Why should Americans trust you with the country when they see what’s going on in the city that you ran for more than seven years?

    Secretary Clinton, Russia, they’re challenging the U.S. in Syria. According to U.S. intelligence, they’ve lied about who they’re bombing. You spearheaded the reset with Russia. Did you underestimate the Russians, and as president, what would your response to Vladimir Putin be right now in Syria?

    Secretary Clinton, on the campaign trail, Governor Webb has said that he would never have used military force in Libya and that the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was inevitable. Should you have seen that attack coming?   
Webb, you served in Vietnam. You’re a Marine. Once a Marine, always a Marine. You served as a Marine in Vietnam. You’re a decorated war hero. You eventually became Secretary of the Navy. During the Vietnam War, the man standing next to you, Senator Sanders, applied for status as a conscientious objector. Given his history, can he serve as a credible commander-in-chief?
If you cannot control the debate, if you cannot gerrymander enough, if you cannot discourage enough of "those people" from voting, if you cannot get the entire MSM to propagandize your side, if you cannot use the Fundamentalist Churches in your fight against those who disagree with your views, if the Kochs ever run out of money………then take your ball and go home.  Act like kindergartners. (Candidates complained about the debate formats, timing, polling thresholds, questions, moderators and even the green rooms……CBS)

Oh wait: your big corporations and Free Market ideas are trying to take control of THAT too.