Sunday, October 18, 2009


Would someone please tell me what in the heck is wrong with people today?? Is Fox Opinion Television putting something in the water? In the air? Is it emanating from the television screen in your living room?

The Conservative Bible Project run by the son of Phyllis Schlafly, a conservative rights activist, wants to change the current version of the bible. ( It's too liberal for him and his group. Granted the bible has been updated, condensed, retranslated, added to, and messed with for centuries. Several books have been left out. Some were books written by women: they didn't add to the true message of what Jesus was trying to say, I guess. Well, at least not according to the priests and other male scholars who were parsing together the King James Bible that is used today. Let's see: Jesus associated with women, worked with women, trusted women, helped women, defended women. And as far as we know he couldn't have been gay---the conservatives would have THROWN OUT his words, not printed them in red.

Yep, these people feel the need to make the bible less liberal, more masculine, and generally more to their liking. To me it fits right in with their usual "keep women in the kitchen, barefoot, and pregnant" theories that have worked so well for decades. The conservative party, or whatever, is no place for an intelligent, forward thinking woman today. Unless you like being the token Barbie, forgiving your errant spouse when he "strays, but loves his wife, and begs forgiveness" publicly. And if you happen to have been born gay and are politically minded, forget it.

Well, it probably won't make much difference anyway. They've forgotten about the separation of church and state somehow. And they only quote bible passages when they want to twist them to mean what they say against someone else with a different point of view. So, I guess it already says what they want it to.........

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