Monday, November 2, 2009


"You know, this was an interesting article and kind of at the heart of why I started voting Dem. I don't agree with every Dem program and sometimes I think they are trying to be almost too liberal (in many programs), but that's ok because I'd rather err on the side of over-helping your fellow citizens then under-helping. If I'm tagged a "socialist" because I believe in assisting people (felow Americans) in their time of need, then so be it. 40 hour work weeks, overtime pay, paid vacation, unions, medicare, social security, the EPA, clean air clean water, food inspections and a zillion other programs to benefit us, the people, initiated by Dems.

The largest benficiaries of the repubs are big business, who used to be totally connected to America, but are now multi-nationals who have zero allegience with any country, only the never ending quest for more money (regardless of the pain it causes). When this happens you have lost jobs, lower wages and basically a race to the bottom, which is the end result of free market fundamentalism. 400% and climbing is the ratio of the top pay to the average worker. Thats just sad.

I remember a day when the rich still got rich, the middle class was envied the world over and the working poor had a better than even chance of getting out."............................. by RedneckDem

This quote is in response to an article I read this morning on Huffington Post. I could not have put it as eloquently. Where have we as a nation gone wrong? Have we totally lost all compassion? Has greed become our sole purpose for living? Is it all about ME? Do we let our political leaders and big business hypnotize us into believing that they are there to look out for our well being? That it's OK for them to make all these ungodly amounts of money behind our backs, receive all these atrocious perks mostly with our money---and we're to believe it'll trickle down to us? Have we become that complacent and stupid? Are we mostly fools who put on a show for their benefit like the "tea baggers"?

If that's the case, as a once great nation, we are in trouble.

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