Friday, October 30, 2009


Boo!! This is the weekend for trick or treat, costumes, ghosts, and scary beings. It's weird enough that Pat Robertson is going off today on the origins of halloween, demons, devil worshipping, bad for kids and all that. And on CNN I read a column about some group that is SURE that candy being given out to kids is cursed, "blessed" by witches, and they spin a tale that would make Stephen King envious. But the scariest thing I can think of is Glen Beck. Glen Beck doesn't just come out on halloween: he's around all the the time. If you've got the stomach or heart to watch.

I know, there's a big hullaballoo going on because a certain network can't seem to come to grips that "their party" didn't quite make it in the last election. I'm not sure if it should be causing as much a stir as it is now, but it's not unprecedented. Former administrations had the same go-rounds with the media, which with today's selective memory, they seem to have forgotten. With the invention of taping and digital recording, it's very easy to "recall" these incidents. Not sure that the administration or advisors should have taken a stance, but fair is fair. (But not Fair and Balanced.) I won't even go into the "characters" going to the Tea Parties.........but I digress.

Glen Beck surely can't take himself seriously. His viewers can't seriously believe this man represents the majority mindset or intelligence today. He can take the most far out nonsense, make faces, use funny (?) voices, use disputed facts and debunked theories, draw pictures, quote scriptures, and cry within two minutes time. He makes Rush Limbaugh seem like a Franciscan monk. (Ok, that's a stretch.) Don't they have medication for that?? He scares the heck out of me! And he doesn't wear a costume!

He's a money maker for the network, even though sponsors are getting very leery about his carryings on. Would you want your goods or services associated with that mess? What really scares me is that people ---his fans-- think he's godlike, tells it like it is, spouting the TRUTH about all the behind the scenes "conspiracies" in our government, all the freedoms in the Constitution being taken away. He loves his country: I guess he just lets the rest of us malcontents live here. (You can buy his new book, of course.) Add in Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Alex Castelanos, Neil Cavuto with encouragement from Mr. Murdoch and you've got a witch's brew to be proud of. A pot ready to boil over at any minute. And Glen beck is the master chef.

Where is Emeril Lagasse when you need him??

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