Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We went to Tennessee this weekend. Had to have my red-dirt-and-mountains fix. Also, we were trying to get a handle on the housing (or condo-ing) market in the eastern part of the state. When we make the jump next year, we want to know where to land. There is always so much to do in the Tri-state area, and not enough time for just a weekend. But for those who went to Asheville, they might be there a little longer thanks to the rockslide on Rt. 40, the main drag to ANYWHERE down there.

While we were in Maryville--a great town that is undergoing a rebirth of the arts, economy and social life--we stopped at a neat new eatery: Hot Rods 50"s Diner. Ashley Schwartz is the owner, and her food and staff were great. Such a good vibe. The pictures were taken at the diner. If you're in the area, just a little ways from Knoxville, stop in.
It will make you feel good.

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