Thursday, December 3, 2009


Ok, I broke my promise to myself, but the incessant coverage of this topic is driving me nuts! Why is Tiger Wood's private life-good or bad- any concern of mine or anybody else's? Has it been a slow news week? No earthquakes? No movie star death? No cure for cancer? (If there was, big PHARMA wouldn't let us know about it.) No John Boehner miscues in Washington?

Another carefully crafted persona has bitten the dust. He's a sports star, for Pete's sake, not the Dali Lama. Anybody that looks to larger-than-life stars of any kind to be role models is surely going to be disappointed. They are human beings just like the rest of us, with the same quirks and foibles, and shortcomings. This is something he has to atone for, deal with, make amends to his family for, and move on. He's young, and very wealthy, but that does not protect him from doing very stupid things. Most of the time that makes the situation even worse. What one of us here has not done something so totally stupid, irresponsible, selfish, life-altering and been found out? Or luckily not?

Why do we as the public feel let down? Why do we feel we have a say in what should happen now? Why do we have any right to even speculate? Who do we think we are? Just because the media keeps harping on "he stated, she says, the police say, the voicemail said" does that make it our concern? The media just wants to get ratings, increase listenership, sell papers, get hits, and tweets. We are only voyeurs and dollar signs.

If you really want to get involved with something, there's enough going on. Of course you have to search for real facts, check your sources, ignore partisan ranting, be willing to change, and be ready to lend a hand. There's health care reform, women's rights, food shortages, climate concerns, jobs, child abuse, cancer, Alzheimers, term limits on members of Congress (oops, sorry about that one), and poverty. Tiger Woods' problems in life seem mighty miniscule compared to all of this. A sort of diversion, if you will, so that the negative areas of your life don't seem so prominent.

Get out of his life and his family. Don't contribute to this nonsense. It's a waste of good, positive energy.


  1. We help put them up on their lofty pedestals and let them be for a while and then relish the fact that they are mere mortals such as us. We should always remember that they are flesh and blood people that sacrificed a life to be really good a "something". A little taste of forbidden fruit and their world crumbles, well maybe a big taste!
    Social skills not taught in golf school, the price you pay!

  2. What is there in the human psyche that loves to make heroes out of mere mortals, and loves even MORE to see them fall?