Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I overheard some statistics yesterday on CNN put forth by Jack Cafferty, as I worked my way to HGTV. He said that 49% of white people who call themselves Republicans consider themselves "religious" and 37% of white Democrats do the same. Religious means going to church once a week, he explained. A higher percentage of Black and Latino voters consider themselves very religious, and they sway to the Democratic ticket usually. Now, I find that to be very telling and a sad state of affairs today.

To me, a spiritual, religious person (member of an organized church or not) is aware of the world around him. He is in tune with the universe as a whole, and the sufferings of all its people. He does not impose his beliefs on others as he goes about his daily life trying to help those less fortunate than himself. He considers all the good in his life and family, and is more than willing to give a helping hand to build a better world for others. He uses his head and his heart to make decisions in life, and if necessary makes monetary contributions when and where it's needed. The good of the whole group is much more important than the complete satisfaction of every individual in it. He is not easily swayed by the hysteria and ranting of the unruly crowds surrounding him. He uses his head. I think Jesus was this type of person. At one time, I was a Southern Baptist.

Democrats and Republicans are two different animals. Right now I'm more than a little upset with both of groups! Repubs can motivate at the drop of a hat: get that revival feeling going, as it were. Nobody even stops to think "why", let's just go. Dems need to consider all sides, not make a show of things, and include everybody. Not much action there. Guess the better use of "religion" goes to the right wing on this count. But it's not a good thing. In a humorous book I'm reading about girls in the south (go Tennessee!) the author said 98% of Southerners said they own a Bible, but she questioned if they ever opened them.

I'm tired of having to be politically correct for right wing "Christianity" and yet not being able to let others observe their beliefs without being criticized. Why does the "party line" carry more weight than the needs of the people in important decisions? Why do Bible verses need to be used to score political points if you're playing a crocked game? Why does "You lie" seem to be the only thing you hear these days in any type of political discussion? What happened to common sense and the common good? Wars, inquisitions, Crusades, jihads, suicide bombings, Civil wars, and massacres have all be committed in the name of religion. What's the point?


  1. The good of the many outweighs the good of the few or the one!

  2. But what "good' is being accomplished today? Everyone is looking out for their own (or their company's) best interest. Money rules. The class divide is becoming larger everyday. Those at the top are set on keeping the status quo and the "middle class" no longer exists. You're either rich as sin and are hoarding it, or you're trying to keep your head above water.
    This, too, shall pass, but our country is slowly becoming a modern Third World Country.

  3. Judi, the way I see it, Jesus was tolerant of everyone: lepers, prostitutes, tax collectors, etc. There was however, one exception. he had no toleration whatsoever for religions hypocrites: pharisees and Sadducees. If he was not tolerant of them, why should we feel we have to tolerate the pharisees and Sadducees in our midst? They are the religious right.

  4. TomCat: right as usual. I some guy on Twitter call me a hypocritical something-or-other, and tell me I needed to get Christ in my life. I told him MY god was a LOVING god........

  5. There's nothinmg wrong with Christ, Judi. But watch out for the GOP invented Suupply-side Jesus. He's a real SOB.

  6. That was my point. As Ghandi (?) said: I like your Christ,. It's your Christians that I don't understand."