Wednesday, January 27, 2010


In days of yore when the head of a village, empire, state, country, company, organization or even a neighborhood watch committee gave a speech or addressed the aforementioned gathering, it was taken seriously, or at least the perception was there. You could complain, grumble, or ignore it afterward if you so chose. You could agree with the ideas presented or seethe about past performances to friends, co-workers, or even your boss at your convenience or risk, depending on the circumstances. It was a solemn, thought provoking occasion. Yep, those days are gone--thanks to TV pundits, internet blogging, and political come-up-man-ship. (I"m sorry if that's not a word: it should be.)

Before the President's speech tonight, his first as a matter of fact, the pre-pre-pre speeches and guesses about its content are already being thrown about. The count down clock is being aired on CNN. All topics they think should be addressed are being listed and expounded upon. FOX is tearing it apart and explaining how a more bipartisan approach is what is needed to avoid a "catastrophe", and gearing up for their post-speech rip-a-thon. Even the WAY he should say it is being examined by these folks. Liberals for their part, are manning the internet to expose the right wing's usual ignorance of the facts presented and their loose way with the truth. The opposition party has even selected someone to make a response to the President's speech. What? This isn't the debate team. Everyone wants to see who's going to be the devil's advocate to yell out some childish response, in house, as been done before, and that is done in Congress frequently. Kids will be kids, you know. State of the Union parties are being co-ordinated everywhere, even here in own city. Scorecards are being distributed, I assume.

What has happened to this country? Has everyone gone off the deep end? Is partisan politics and scoring points for the team become the sole obsession of our leaders in Washington? Is getting reelected the sole reason of being in Congress? Do they realize people in this country and the world are hurting? Do they even care? Who's right and who's left. Or who's right and who's wrong? Does the color of a person's skin make that big a difference? How can we proceed to become a better nation or world if we keep going back to the way it's always been done, with the same people? Why is it so hard to listen to a different voice? Why do we have to feel afraid to make changes? Is money everything? Why.....?

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