Thursday, February 18, 2010


Did you know that you are only allowed to express your opinion, your point of view to like-minded people? Are you aware that NOT including quotes, historical references, lists of books, and having a Thesaurus at the ready renders you totally brainless, incompetent, and having nothing of any social value to say? Did you know that having a 2000 word rebuttal/comment written on one of your blogs renders you worthless and ineffective? Yep. And since a member of the opposite sex told me that, it must be true. Right.................

I ventured upon a blog the other day, having come upon a link from someone. I was reading not-very-tasteful comments about Michelle Obama's initiative on childhood obesity. I'd even seen Glenn Beck's horrible, tacky, spiteful, rant on television about it. I wanted to throw up. No good thing our First Family does is ever without ridicule. (You know, that free speech thing.) The title of the blog was stupid, racist, and the picture on the page of the Obama's was even worse. I'm sure you've seen these, or tried to avoid them. I left a short comment on the stupidity of it, figuring I would be ignored as a "commie, liberal, socialist, left wing agitator." I'm really just a mom with a point of view, a sense of right or wrong, fairness, and a bit of dry humor.

Nope, I wasn't that lucky. A few days later I was castigated for my small grasp on current history, had my obvious lack of political knowledge ridiculed, given a library list of books to read (recommended by Glenn Beck), and had my unicorns and fairy dust taken away. (Nah, I made that last part up.) Then I was told I had a lot of nerve coming to his website. Just to make matters "worse", I noticed he was trying to get his readers to come to THIS blog to read what garbage an ill-informed, not socially aware liberal cretin was spreading. I think I touched a nerve.

It's always amazing to me how these oh-so-patriotic Constitution, Federalist Papers, tea partiers feel the need to belittle and "re-educate" others. A debate, or an exchange of ideas is fine. But having seen
"MoBama's Fat Kids Part II complete with disgusting photoshopped picture I felt I didn't need to be educated by him about anything. Besides, I felt he was in love with the sound of his own computer keyboard, if you get the picture.

If you'd like to learn something (or not...) you might want to go to my blog on Glenn Beck from January. Like it's namesake, it pissed somebody off. My work here is done.


  1. Judi, when you confront teabaggers, you challenge their 'cherished beliefs'. These beliefs are heal with little in the way of factual support. Therefore when confronted they feel high anxiety over their inability to discuss the matter articulately and retreat into personal attack and appeals to the work of other idiots that they consider authorities.

  2. Glad someone else types faster than they think! This guy is a walking "historical/hysterical" encyclopedia. He's educating me, I guess. Did you see the comments?