Monday, February 15, 2010


Sunday morning Tucker Carlson made a few comments on Fox News, it's been reported to me, about college students becoming more liberal as they continue their education and especially after they graduate. He then proceeded to suggest that not all people need to go to college, or at least get government help to do so, I assume. Hmmmm, I wonder what the correlation might be here.........( to see Fox News discussion )

At any rate, I believe this is what the outcome of THAT would be:

Lord have mercy on this country.....

UPDATE: Well, the trend continues: The state of Utah is considering abandoning the 12th grade, and the Republicans agree. They say that students "just fritter away their last year anyway." Now Colorado believes they can no longer provide higher education for their students; they'll have to go to private college, it seems. Who can afford THAT these days? Maybe these young people will just get sick, and since they'll not have health insurance to help with medical bills, they'll just forget about even trying. That'll make those on the right really happy!

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