Thursday, April 8, 2010


I was just taken to task by someone I don't know, but what else is new these days. Every little thing has become politicized, polarized, plagiarized, and Palinized.
I'm learning that it's OK for someone ELSE to voice their opinion, but it's not when I do it. Yep, you've gotta love the modern twist on freedom of speech....

I try very hard to keep my personal life and my professional life separate, for obvious reasons. (Thank God I'm not in the political arena.) But somewhere the "twain did meet" and I've had to retrace my steps to correct the matter.

"Ms. Judi might do well to keep her political affiliations to herself and not degrade those who speak out. Reading her blog certainly influenced my opinion as to why I will not contact you regarding my daughter's wedding photographs."

You certainly wouldn't want an independent-thinking couple armed with cameras in a church taking pictures of a once-in-a-lifetime, romantic occasion, now would you? I'd probably degrade the whole affair.


  1. Judi, that's a shame, but consider this. Less that 25% would react life that. Over 33% would see it as a plus. The rest wouldn't care.

  2. Using that person's logic I should stop watching NFL football on FOX (CBS,ESPN and NBC only), never visit a Disney resort because Rush Limbaugh appears on Disney owned ABC radio stations, and check the political affiliation of the stars, directors, and producers of any film before forking over ten bucks for a ticket.

    To carry things to an extreme like boycotting a photographer because of their political views is just dumb....but they have a God given right as an American to be an idiot if they choose to be.

    What does this person do with their wedding invitations? "RSVP by May 28.....Democrats need not reply"?

  3. Thanks guys! According to her first sentence, I guess I should keep MY mouth shut, but it's OK for OTHERS to '"speak out." Typical right wing logic!. But I've deleted my profile, so as not to "offend" anyone. It's the first time that has happened. Oh well........